This Blog is Not a ‘Safe Space’

This week thousands, if not millions, of college students marched for “free” tuition, waiving of all student loan debt, and $15 an hour minimum wages for campus work.

CRI doesn’t cover or take positions on issues related to higher education, but we recognize the potential negative implications of having so many students owe so much money without having jobs paying well enough to meaningfully pay them off. We also recognize that a $15 an hour minimum wage for work study jobs or other campus jobs is just not realistic. Doing that will guarantee many students won’t have jobs, all to give a chosen few higher pay.

As has been written on this blog before (check out our archive), the reason minimum wages increase unemployment is simply math. An organization paying has x dollars to spend on payroll. Theoretically, if an organization was “hoarding cash”, then simply giving workers a bigger piece of that pie wouldn’t damage the company if the “hoarded cash” wasn’t being used for anything. In reality, businesses need to make more money to have more to spend and hire. Redistributing the wealth to the workers will make some workers much better off. But it will come at the expense of other workers. Are we willing to make that trade-off?

But that’s not what these students protesting want. Basically, they want to be protected from the harsh realities of life, with guaranteed income from a guaranteed job and no debt. The logic of course, is that the 1% will pay, along with providing free healthcare, universal pre-k, affordable (subsidized) housing, public transportation, clean energy, national parks, and other things in the utopia of thought that is the socialist left. All on top of paying for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the U.S. Military, and the interest on the debt that we’ve never had to pay back, but will soon. AND the government will have a heavy hand of control of the private sector economy.

This is insanity. Even if we tax 100% of all wealth earned after say the first $1 million- even more than what France currently takes in- AND the wealthiest Americans continued to work for the benefit of society- AND none of them moved money offshore or put it into nontaxable assets like $170 million art paintings, we still would not take in enough tax revenue to maintain current spending AND add new programs. Just paying off student loans is $1.2 trillion, far more than what Apple is worth.

Many of these students, and others like them, who don’t want to face reality create their own ‘safe spaces’ where they block out the truth in favor of whatever bizarre ideas they believe in. Well, this blog is not a ‘safe space’. We tell the truth because it is so, not because we want otherwise. Delaware and the country have serious budget problems that need attention soon before we lose our standard of living and become less like the leader of the free world.

Those protesting in favor of more government redistribution and ‘safe spaces’ to shield against reality shouldn’t expect a positive outcome in the end. As Ronald Reagan once said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away.” Especially if you disagree with those running the show.