Recognition in the Salesforce Community

The return of community based canned seafood awards

Passionate customers are the heart of any thriving business. It’s amazing to see how the Salesforce Customer Community has grown over the past 16 years. Well, I can actually only comment on the last 10+ years that I’ve been part of it, but consider the fact that it’s now edging on 2 million users. Those people are writing blogs, answering questions, guiding product features, and evangelizing a brand. That group has collectively helped millions more who are not yet part of that community.

If you ask those who actively participate, you’d probably hear that they do it because of the help someone gave them that now inspires them to contribute. The question is, who are those people who have helped you? And have you ever expressed your gratitude to them formally? Now you can.

The Octies have returned!

Now you can nominate someone for the only community-based, canned-seafood, awards program in the world; The Octies. Tell us who has helped you learn more about Salesforce and made you a better admin, developer, sales person, or executive. Your nomination could result in them earning an Octie at Dreamforce 15 next month in San Francisco.

You may be asking yourself what exactly is an Octie? It all started as an innocent thank-you gift of canned octopus I gave to my friend Reid Carlberg back in 2009. That next year though, it grew into an awards ceremony we would kick off at the TweetUp of Dreamforce 10 and Dreamforce 11. We took nominations for “Who has helped you in the Salesforce community” and created categories of awards for the recipients. Each year, 10–12 people received a certificate, a can of octopus, and a few other octopus trinkets.

The Octies are awards given to honor cloud computing heroes for excellence in vision, evangelism, implementation and delivery.

I want to bring back The Octies and award them to a next generation of people who have brought value to the community and I need your nominations to prepare. Nominations will be taken until September 10 and recipients need to be attending Dreamforce. Rather than trying to get people together for one big ceremony, I’ll be awarding The Octies this year live, throughout Dreamforce via Periscope. I’ll find the winners, give them their prizes, and even publish the Periscope videos on YouTube to be watched forever.

Now is the time. Send in your nominations. Follow me on Periscope and Twitter to see where The Octies will be awarded throughout Dreamforce. Then come back and watch the joy you’ll bring to someone else on my YouTube channel. Lastly, share The Octies with your friends. Let them know how to nominate the people who have influenced them and let’s share the love and canned seafood. #Octies

Who are past recipients of The Octies? Past winners include Andy Ogenoff, Brad Gross, Brandy Colmer, David Schach, Garry Polmateer, Geraldine Gray, Jason Venable, Matt Brown, Mike Gerholdt, Ron Hess, and Steve Mollis. My lovely co-host for The Octies has been the amazing Miriam Melo. We even got a writeup from Salesforce about The Octies.

Thanks to Scott Barlow for being the unofficial photographer of The Octies.