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CRO Homes
3 min readMar 15, 2022


CRO Homes is a collection of 3333 Metaverse Homes living on the Cronos Blockchain.
We believe that NFTs should have:
- Appealing & Original Artworks
- Passive Income
and Most Important
- Utility

CRO Homes it’s our way to achieve all those 3 goals as an NFT. Let’s get into more detail!

The Artwork

CRO Homes comes in four different sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Penthouse

The bigger the home, the more NFTs you can display into it. Also, with more space comes more Luxury.

All of those 4 3D Models are an Original Work from our 3D Artist and are fully compatible with AR (Augmented Reality) app. (Think of Pokemon Go for example).

Take a look at our Medium Home:

Medium CRO Home from the Outside

And now on the Inside:

Medium CRO Home from the Inside

Passive Income

People doesn’t want just JPEG that sits in their wallet collecting dust. While we will explore the Utility of CRO Homes in the next section, let’s talk about $RENT and how your CRO Home will be able to generate Passive Income.

$RENT Token

Introducing $RENT, the Cryptocurrency of CRO Homes.

$RENT will be used for all sort of things tied to CRO Homes, but notably:

  • Upgrade your CRO Home (More Frames to display more NFTs for example).
  • Mint future CRO Homes related collections.
  • If you don’t own a CRO Home, instead of buying one you can “Rent” one from an Owner paying in $RENT Token.

The main way to earn $RENT Tokens for Holders will be by Staking their CRO Homes.
Staking will also decrease the available supply listed on the Marketplaces increasing the Floor Price and rewarding long time Holders instead of Flippers.


Now to the Utilities that CRO Homes will provide to their Owners:

  • Each CRO Home comes with 3/5/7 or 10 Empty NFT Frames (Based on the home size)
  • You will be able to “Import” your NFTs as well as your Cronos NFTs and display them in your Personal CRO Home using our Customize Dashboard.
  • You will be able to “Spawn into Reality” your CRO Home either in a scaled size (Like on a Table) or in Full Size (On a big open field) and litterally Walk inside of it. This is possible thanks to our Models being 100% Compatible with Augmented Reality apps for both Android and iOS Smarthphones.
  • You will be able to create and share a Custom URL unique to your CRO Home so people and your Friends will be able to visit your Personal NFT Museum using AR or a 3D Model viewer on a Browser.

Also, like for every Feature in the CRO Homes collection and the $RENT Token, we are always looking for new possibilities and utilities to add.

Availability, Mint Date, Mint Price etc.

As you may have read at the start, our Max Supply for CRO Homes will be 3333. Out of those 3333 there are:

  • 1800 Small House
  • 1075 Medium House
  • 425 Large House
  • 33 Penthouse

Each CRO Home will have a price of 399 CRO each during the Whitelist Presale. Price for the Public Sale will be 499 CRO.
Mint Date has not been set yet and it will be announced at a later date.

We will have a Whitelist only Presale followed by a Public Sale for the remaining Supply (if any).

Social Links

The best way to stay in touch for News, Giveaways and Whitelist Opportunities is to follow us on our Official Twitter Account!


Dave, CRO Homes Founder and Marketing



CRO Homes

CRO Homes is bringing innovation in the Cronos Chain. Own your Metaverse Home, Display your NFTs, earn $RENT and share it with your friend with the power of AR.