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Adam Crookes
Oct 19, 2017 · 3 min read
Photo by Manfred Baumann

Cameron began his acting career starring in a Panic! At The Disco music video. Two years later, he landed a co-starring role alongside comic-legend Adam Sandler in the hit comedy film Grown Ups. After doing a range of web shows and commercials for a few years, Cameron made his debut on Disney Channel in 2011, with a guest appearance on Good Luck Charlie. Since then, he has made Disney his home, starring in multiple TV Shows and leading their music fantasy ‘The Descendants’ films.

AC: Almost a decade ago, you were in a Panic! At The Disco music video. Are you a fan of the band?

CB: I actually hadn’t heard of them when I got cast, and I still get hate because of it! Panic! fans are REAL fans. It’s funny, a lot of times they’ll comment on my pictures and tell me how lucky I was to be in their presence. A couple months ago I posted a throwback of me as young Ryan and everyone freaked out a little because I tagged the band and Ryan in the same picture. They thought I didn’t realize that the band had split up but I just didn’t want to choose between tagging the band or tagging him.

AC: What has your experience of working on Disney been like? Do you see yourself doing more projects with them?

CB: I think it would be a crime for the fans to turn down Descendants 3 if the opportunity presented itself, but besides that, no. I feel I’ve been ready for some time now to move on from Disney and I’ve been positioning myself to do exactly that for 2 or 3 years. That being said, Disney has taught me so much about the way this business works.They employ young actors who aren’t sure what to expect. The kids get thrown into the fire which can be difficult to manage at such a young age, but once you get the lay of the land that understanding pays dividends. Whether people agree or disagree with the decisions an actor makes after their Disney tenure, every alum has a clear vision of how they want their career to pan out. I wouldn’t change anything from my 7 years, good or bad.

Photo by Manfred Baumann

AC: Did you learn anything from working with Adam Sandler on the ‘Grown Ups’ films, that you’ve taken onto your more recent projects?

CB: Sandler is a genius. An unbothered, never fazed, dry humored genius. And yes, working on Grown Ups taught me how to listen. As an actor, it’s crucial you keep your ears open, especially when you’re playing opposite comedic legends in almost every scene. I learned quickly that the script was just a mere suggestion for people as talented as Sandler, Rock, or Spade. I was just a 9 year old kid waiting for his cue line. That is, until I realized that I might be waiting forever. You to stay ready because you never know what’s coming your way.

AC: For you, what’s the most challenging thing about acting? What’s the easiest thing?

CB: The easiest thing for an actor, is the work. When you’re excited about a project sometimes it’s hard to put a script down. Preparation is everything. All of the decisions we make are a result of the creative process before you step on set. That’s the most fun part for me. The hardest thing about acting is all of the other things you have to think about besides performing.. Your image, your team, networking; not to mention the mental strength you need to be able to stay unaffected by the rejection that every actor experiences.

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