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Interview by Adam Crookes

Now with the release of their second album ‘Broken Machine’, Nothing But Thieves aim to continue their path upwards following their first album which climbed the charts in 2015 and their sell-out tour after the album. Since then, they have supported Muse on their tour and have played to crowds of more than half a million people recently at Woodstock Festival in Poland.

You’re music is being used a lot in adverts and commercials from the Madden Football Game to BBC’s Poldark, have you ever unintentionally stumbled across your own music?

Yes, in a pub in Essex. Definitely didn’t have friends who worked there. Definitely not.

From all of the places you’ve played recently, which has been your favourite? What other countries in particular have you seen take a big interest in your sound that you didn’t expect?

That’s hard because so many countries we’ve played have been amazing. We get a crazy turn out in places like Poland and Holland. I always enjoy playing those two. The one we didn’t expect to be so huge was in South Korea. We showed up to this festival thinking we’d play to a couple hundred new fans and we played to over 15,000 Koreans. Just mental.

With your first album charting really high upon release, do you have any targets for how well you want your new album to do?

I just want it to continue our success. The path upwards is very enjoyable and I want to stay on it. I’ve heard the path downwards has loads of slugs and used condoms on it. I want stay far away from it. I want to stay away from the used condoms pleased.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

That’s tough. I have 11 babies how can you make me pick one? To be honest, it switches depending on my mood, as all albums should. Currently loving ‘I was just a kid’. Just madness. Can’t wait to play it live.

In the future, which other acts do you hope to one day support of their tours?

I’d love to support Radiohead or Foo’s mainly because they’re our collective band favourites. Can you just imagine.

Nothing But Thieves’ new album ‘Broken Machine’ is available now.

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