Earlier today the Revuto team joined the CRYPTOTECH Community telegram to connect with the community and answer any question they had relating to Revuto mission,tech,proggress on our journey so far, recent updates and our plans moving forward.

Revuto team took park in a particularly exciting AMA session which included introductions with the telegram Community. If you missed the AMA live, have a read through this recap to again some deeper insights into Revuto. You also need to know that our AMA this time has a $100 prize in USDT.

Andy Sareank || Cryptotech Community :
Hello @vvukman welcome to your first AMA at Cryptotech. We are glad to have joined hands in a strategic partnership. Today I hope you can share with us more information about revuto in the Cryptotech Group.

Vedran Vukman :

Andy Sareank || Cryptotech Community:
Okay, before starting the first session, please introduce a little about yourself @vvukman

Vedran Vukman:
Ok. My name is Vedran and I’m CEO of Revuto. Last 3 years I spen’t working for my startup in Silicon Valley where I met with the crypto community and my Revuto cofounders Marko and Josipa. At the time, in Mountainview Marko was still working for the Intuit (the biggest fintech company) and Josipa for her own company (biomatrical data for banking industry). Personally, in 2017. I was amazed with the crypto and the opportunities it offers.
Also, I had many problems with the arhaick banking setup becasue I had a startup with liquidity problems because of the banks. I would sell something but it would take time (a few days) from the moment I sold something until I would get money. In the mean time, I had many expenses for my own company and most of them on subscriptions. Soon I had several different cards that I used to pay for several differen services and I was lost, I didn’t know to whom, with what, how many and when I need to pay. It was a mess. We talked about the problem and decided that we need to figure out how to soove it becauase everybody had the same problem.
Don’t have to mention how many times I was charged ofr the service I didn’t use or I forget to unsubscribe.
I tried to use apps like TrueBill or even Mint (Marko was working on Mint at Inutit) and no app could help me with my growing subscription charges (recurring payments).

Andy Sareank || Cryptotech Community:
Could you please tell us a little about Revuto ?

Vedran Vukman:
Sure, that’s an easy one. Aswer is ready. Revuto is a dApp built on Cardano (for iOS and Android) and unique active subscription management service to help you manage and pay your subscriptions (save money on subscription). With Revuto, users can easily Block, Snooze or Approve subscription charges as they occur. In short, with Revuto service providers won’t be able to take your money without your knowledge or approval even when you give them your Revuto Virtual Debit Card details. Also, you can use Revuto to sign up for any free trial in order not to lose money on unwanted subscription charges even when you forget to unsubscribe before the free-trial ends. God knows how much money they steal form us only because we forget to unsubscribe on time.

Vedran Vukman:
Don’t have to mention that service providers on purpose try to hide unsubscribe functionallity from us.
Sometimes, you can’t even unsubscribe on the device they let you to subscribe. You can subscribe to Netflix over SmartTV , set top-box and similar but you can usubscriobe only via webpage and so on.
Btw. You can learn out more about Revuto at our webpages and

Andy Sareank || Cryptotech Community:
Can you tell us a bit more about Revuto features and strengths?

Vedran Vukman:
The main feature of Revuto is Revuto Virtual Debit Card which you can control as you wish and use to subscribe with service providers instead of using your own personal debit/credit cards. Alongside topping up Revuto Vritual Debit Cards with your own personal debit or credit cards, you can top it with our Cardano native token called REVU token.
To learn more how we plan to leverage crypto (REVU) and defi services with subascriptions, please check our whitepapaer at

Andy Sareank || Cryptotech Community:
Could you please share us with your milestones and plans for 2021?

Vedran Vukman:
Ok. If I have time to tell more. Except the support we’re getting from the Cardano and crypto community, our biggest strenght is our team and understanding of the problem. On our teram we have very experienced industry experts. Our CTO is the man with more than 25 patents in the industry.
Most recently we closed our Token sale and when we managed to sell all REVU tokens reserved for tthe Token sale in minutes. We sold them for 10M usd. Later we did a REVU TGE, our community voted for the date and now we’re getting ready to release the first Revuto App (Scheduled for August 1st).
Later, in September the first REVU tokens will be released into suppply (only those sold in our Community Sale round, so very limited number of the total supply) and that;’s when we’ll launch the new version of the Revutp App where people will be able to use Revuto Virtual Debit Cards to subscribe with service providers.
Also, they’ll be able to use REVU tokens to top-up those Revuto VDC’s. Unfortunately, at that time, only EU citizens will be able to use VDC’s.
After that, next year, we plan to introduce the first Defi services on cardano for staking REVU tokens.
The first setupo will allow REVU holders to stake their REVU in liquidity poolls in order to provide liquidity to other users that will be able to borrow REVU from those pools (for the fee) and pay with them their subscriptiuon charges.
Oh, I forgot listings. In september/october we plan to introduce first REVU listings on crypto exchanges.


Vedran Vukman:
Honestly, we announced a burning machanism in our whitepaper but we’re not convinced that burning the tokens is the right way of rising the price of tokens. It’s ok to have it as a mechanism to protect your investors from losing money if everything else doesn’t work but still, much better mechanism is actually to build a great product that people want. Taht’s how you actually build buying pressure on your token. If the tokenmoics are right, if the token distribution is right, if the business model works, there’s no need for burning the tokens.
In our case, we’’ll do everything to protect the price of REVU by not burining tokens.

Andy Sareank || Cryptotech Community:
Q2. Most investors are focusing on the token price with no real understanding of the use cases and long-term value of the project. In this case, what are the benefits for investors in holding @get_revuto? Is there any plan to increase demand for @get_revuto long term?

Vedran Vukman:
That’s a great Q. Revuto dApp is set up to create constant buying pressure on REVU. Only trough Revuto referral program we incentivise our users to bring more people to the service. With more usewrs there’s more buying presure (demand) on REVU because only with REVU (as a crypto) they’ll be able to top up Revuto Virtual Debit Cards and pay for their subscriptions.

Andy Sareank || Cryptotech Community:
Q3. What information should I have on hand to complete payments through Revuto? How is the payment process? Do you have a mobile application available to carry out transactions from anywhere through our device?

Vedran Vukman:
The process is simple. You’ll have to download the Revuto app, verify your account with KYC procedure and that’s it. To be able to use Revuto to control your subscription charges, with your service provider, you’ll have to replace the details of your personal debit/credit cards with the details of the Revuto Virtual Debit Card provided in the Revuto app. If the servise that you plan to use is new, then when asked for the card details from the service provider, you’ll add details from the Revuto Virtual Debit Card.

Andy Sareank || Cryptotech Community:
Q4. ✅PARTNERSHIPS are essential for every project today.
My question is which Partnerships does your project have now ? and which Partnerships in the Future you will be Heading to ? @enrick945

Vedran Vukman:
We have partnerships with banking and card issuing providers. At the moment we’re integrated with Manigo from the UK but recently we signed a deal with Railsbank to be able to offer Revutos full service (functionality) to users outside the EU.
But when talking about the crypto, our biggest partners are Cardano Foundationa and IOHK that were officially supporting us from the beginning.

Andy Sareank || Cryptotech Community:
Q5. Tell me about Security, Scalability and Interoperability which will bring competitive advantages to blockchain projects. So, how your team plan to solve these problem?

Vedran Vukman:
Security should not be an issue for the Revuto because we’re building on Cardano. Cardano blockchain is by its definition a very secure and 3rd generation blockchain. That setup reflects on all Cardano native tokens. Also, with proof of stake setup, Cardano doesn’t have any scalability problems, especially compared to other blockchains as Etherum.
Iinteroperability may be the problem because every blockchain is for itself but with Cardano demoing, promoting and pushing ERC20 converter on all their official channels, that problem should be solved as well. Mostly because of the liquidity purposes because, as you already know it, Cardano’s ecosystem is still very young and therefore lacking projects.


What is the most unique thing that #REVUTO brings to the blockchain community? Right now is a difficult time where many industries are still affected by the pandemic, but $REVUTO still has fast growth, then what are the factors that make #REVUTO survive?

Vedran Vukman :

Omg. Thank you for so many questions. I’ll start with this one. We believe that we have a great product that’s solving problem everybody have. The biggest problem of many crypto projects lies in the fact that they are dependant on the crypto related setups only. And usually what happens, when the crypto goes down, when the interest (buying pressure) is dropping, all those projects are losing their business as well. In the casae of Revuto, subscription business won’t stop if the crypto market drops down (bear market) or or something like COVID19 hits us.

Question 2.
Is REVUTO to you just another company you want to successfuly launch and move to next one or the one you expect to spend the rest of your life building and improving it?

Vedran Vukman:
Unfortunately, many business in general, and in cryptoi space especially, come and go. That’s the fact. We believe we have an awesome team that have knowledge and passion good enough to make a big success with building the porduct that will save many peoples money. We believe we have a great product and we believe we can deliver it. It willmbe hard but still, we won’t give. especially becaseuse we have our own skin in the game. Cofounders of Revuto were the first investors in Revuto business. That’s something you won’t hear very often.

Question 3.
What are the advantages of REVUTO compared to most projects currently on the market? Will there be some innovation?

Vedran Vukman:
There’s no similar product out there. revuto UX and its functionalities are built for the subscriptions. Sure you can use debit cards from other fintech products but none of them will allow you to manage subscriptions and control subscription charges the way Revuto is allowing it. Additionally, there are some apps like Mint and TrueBill that are marketing themselves as the subscription management services but those apps are subscription trackers and notifiers at the most. Non of them will allow you to actively manage and pay for your subscriptions. When we add crypto and defi setups to the app, there’s nothing similar out there.

Question 4.

We’ve had serious issues with rug pulls from tokens lately and honestly, it’s nothing to laugh home about. My first question is, how secure are our funds with #REVUTO_finance ? Are our investments safe?

Vedran Vukman:

That’s an awesome questions. believe it or not, the problem with crypto is that there’s no regulation. It may sound crazy, but unfortunatelly, in crypto world anybody is allowed to offer anything to the crypto community and sometimes for the “everage joe” it’s really hard to understand which project has solid foundations and whhic don’t. Again, we believe we have a good business model and sustainable regardless of the crypto-market sentiment, we have a great team and troumedous support from the community. That should help. What is even better in the case of the REVU tokens, because the tokens are locked at least until September, the price of REVU is protected from what’s happening in the crypto-market. And we all know what’s happening. Once the first REVU will be reraleased into the supply REVU should be in the great position regarding the market itself.

Question 5.
One of the main features of REVUTO is its data analysis. What parameters will be used to perform these analyses?

Vedran Vukman:
Yes, awesome remark. Our CTO is machine learning and big data specialist. Revuto will collect the info from users, what, when, how much, to whome they’re paying and later we’ll use those data to offer much better porject. Just as an example, onlyh by tracking for how many days will REVUTO users snooze particular services, we’ll be able to learn and offer automatic snoozing. What that means? There are servise providers that allow its users to use their service even if the subscription charge was not paid on the due date. For instance, dropbox will let you use their service even if your late a month with the payment. At one point, Revuto will be able to suggest the maximum time to Snooze a payment for the particular subscription during which your service wont be suspended. Only that will siginicantly help people top maximize their casflow potential.

Done !!

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