How to tell: “Hey, I don’t like your children”

I can’t grasp why it should be okay for some men to not like children, but for us women it is natural to fawn over every small human that crosses our paths. Personally I like puppies more than children. Heck, I even like my coffee machine more than some child in a stroller staring at me with wide uncomprehending eyes.

While I as a women should like to cook, clean and love to see baby faces all smudged up, I don’t. Well, ok. I love to cook. But that is a different story. At work, too, it is difficult to be a young woman just starting her career. “No, of course not. I don’t want children of my own. But I sure like looking at those of others.” — That is the statement companies want to hear. No, you won’t use your nature given best time to reproduce, but of course, you like children, because you’re a girl, right? If else: What is wrong with you?!

I like it when other women say they don’t like or want children. I feel I’m not weird that way. I don’t have the urge to look at any other annoying child screaming at the top of their little lungs and say: “Oh my, just how on earth can we make this little angel smile again?” I’d rather go as far away as possible and not hear those annoying cries that pierce my eardrums.

Do I want children of my own even when I don’t like children?

Yes. Maybe. Some children are not that bad. It is definitely something under 1% of all I have ever met, but still. I think I’d like my own. Especially when I can teach them proper manners, I think, they can be really sweet in some moments. It is a decision. But until that decision is made, why the heck should I have to pretend to not want, but like children? It is a disturbing fact in our society that women should be like this or that, but no, I don’t think I want to participate any longer. Long live your own damn opinion.