When’s the last time you heard a phone ring?

Every Christmas, Hollie likes to change her ringtone to something Christmassy. A few lines of Jingle Bells ringing out certainly lessens the sting when the only texts you get are from Three. When she got back to the office, she decided Christmas was over, and changed it back to the normal bells. In truth though, we never heard her ringtone once. Nowadays we usually leave our mobiles on silent or vibrate- perhaps a telling parable of the Way We Live Now?

Too true. Too true. [sniff]

This is important to remember when creating video content, too. So much of the web is now browsed on mobile, and so much mobile use is done in public- on the train for example. People will do anything to avoid embarrassment, so phones are kept on mute whatever’s on screen. This means all your content, especially video or podcasts, needs to be just as good when played mute as when played on stereo speakers. That means keep it short, snappy and subtitled.

The days of subtitles looking like teletext are long gone- with a good video editor, subtitles can become as exciting as the video itself.

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