CasinoCoin branded square bagel from our Discord community member @toastedcoins

The CasinoCoin Community & Bounty

This week we posted the first of a regular blog series, spotlighting our remarkable CasinoCoin community. Over on our blog you can read the full post, and follow subsequent updates.

We will be highlighting the brilliant tools, websites, widgets, community sponsorships, and… square bagels(!) the CSC community have created.

Up until now, this has happened completely of their own accord, offering up these gems in our Discord Community Chat.

We have created this page to showcase the cool, and super helpful stuff that has been created so far; from a CasinoCoin paper wallet generator, to the CasinoCoin price widget for Android, and a community funded NASCAR sponsorship.

In the past, our generous Foundation team members have rewarded the community with funds from their own (CSC) wallets, and this got us thinking about how we could officially repay our communities enthusiasm. So, the CasinoCoin Foundation has deposited 100,000,000 CSC into a CasinoCoin Foundation Bounty Wallet. This bounty wallet will be used to support community development for CSC, and it will be fully transparent and traceable on our block explorer.

Read more about how this will work on the full post here.

CasinoCoin Foundation

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The CasinoCoin Foundation provides support for CasinoCoin — an open source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed for the regulated online gambling industry.