Kettlebell Certification

Understanding why this is important to Columbia, SC.

If you are in the fitness game, and you want to make a little money, you need to realizing this is not the day and age of Jane Fonda VHS or Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing on the silver screen steeling the day with a one liner. By all means we are grateful for those pioneers but the game has changed. It seems as if everyone has a fitness story to tell.

Thanks to programs like Crossfit, 30 minutes workouts high intensity interval training (HIIT),Bootcamps, and various styles of Tabata the field has become extremely specialized and you need a skill set that Kettlebell training can provide.

That’s why CSCKettlebell has brought to Columbia Kettlebell Concepts kettlebell certification.

This event will be:

  • Date 17 to 18 November.
  • Time Day 1 8am to 5pm / Day 2 8am to 5pm
  • Location Fairfield Inn 120 Blarney Rd Columbia, SC 29223

This is a $499 value brought to you at $379

Walk ins are not allowed

To register for this event, click the link below.

Registration link

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