Where’s The Game At?

There’s #Crossfit, #FunctionalTraining , #BootCamp, #HIIT, and more to come. If you Plan on getting in the #Fitness game, this is the perfect time to Learn the #Kettlebell craft.

We are on the dawn of Pavel’s introduction of the Kettlebell. When he came on board, the average fitness enthusiast only understood lifts in the traditional methods — bench press, squats, and shoulder press; lifts that are designed to develop strength. Only a hand full understood the distinctions between power and strength. In this day and age the average person’s workout is applying power training as well as strength.

Understanding how to use the basic kettlebell movements - KettlebellDeadlift, KettlebellSwing, TurkishGetup, GobletSquat, KettlebellSnatch, KettlebellClean, and KettlebellPress — gives a trainer helpful tools to implement principles of power.

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