10+ staples on my Grocery list

I bet we all have certain things that must always be on our grocery lists whenever we shop right? I have a few of those as well. Life is still good when i have these items left even though i run out of other things lol.

Usually its best to meal prep by setting a day aside to cook all meals for the week, but ill be honest with you, i do not always do that. Actually when i even do, its not for all meals, mainly lunch and some dinners just cause i somehow like the flexibility. Summary? do what works for you.

So here we go with the list.

  • Chicken breast

These i am still trying to perfect. I love having them handy but myself and hubby get tired of it quick. For instance i feel like they get dry or boring after 3 days so i do not make them during meal prep unless i am chopping them up into some stir fry or fancy chicken chopped meal lol. I heard brining them make them juicier which i think i agree with because i did it once and they turned out better but i still get bored. Maybe i need a chef lol

  • Ground turkey

I love these! I make them in advance and refrigerate to eat with anything i like. Mainly with brown rice or with some veggies. They are a great protein source and lunch meal for me.

  • Whole eggs

These are a great source of protein so i tend to eat them a lot. Most days i have them for breakfast, i usually do a whole egg and then maybe 2 egg whites. This is because the yolk is high in cholesterol, eating the whole egg also increases the calorie content and fat so try to limit those

  • Frozen vegetables

There is a study by University of California, Davis with the Frozen Food Foundation that found out that frozen vegetables have as much and maybe even more nutrients than the fresh ones!

Anyway, i prefer these because i can freeze them and they do not go bad as fast as fresh ones. Sometimes i get the fresh ones in anticipation of a particular meal but you all know sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t end up making that meal. Now the fresh veg is staring at you in the fridge slowly turning bad and i have no clue what to make with it lol and voila it spoils and i trash it and the cycle happens again!

  • Whole wheat bread

I am so in love with whole wheat bread. I think white bread tastes like cardboard lol except those nice restaurant ones that have a million calories in them. I eat these with eggs sometimes or just put random stuff on it as a snack. make sure it says 100% whole wheat not just wheat bread lol

  • Unsweetened Almond Vanilla milk

For some reason i cannot take regular milk, it makes me sick. i do not think i am lactose intolerant though cause i take ice-cream, yoghurts etc but somehow can’t do milk especially lots of it. Almond milk however works great for me. i do not drink a lot anyway so that may be why lol. It has an amazing taste. i stick with the unsweetened one due to lower fat content. I also prefer the vanilla to the original flavor, i think it tastes better.

  • Protein bars

This you have to be careful with by watching the added ingredients and sugar. I try to go with high protein and low carb ones. I switch them up though cause i get bored of them easily. I was on a Pure Protein brand high for months and have had to take a break cause I’m bored of them. They are ready to eat, very handy, a great snack and high in protein.

  • Greek yoghurt

This is high in protein! I usually get the plain ones since they are lower in sugars and carbs yayy. I have them as a mid day snack with honey and almonds, sometimes with fruits too. Great snack!

  • Brown rice

I use this with chicken chops, mixed veggies, anything really lol. I just love to have them handy because i can use it for anything for lunch or dinner. Some Jollof rice or fried rice or something tasty.

  • Whey Protein powder

This i love too. I have to get my protein in within an hour of working out so i have to have this or my Herbalife Rebuild, whichever one i feel like. But yes whey protein gives you the needed protein and is quick to make. You can also make a million recipes with it. Sometimes, i have it for breakfast by making a smoothie out of it and combine with greek yoghurt, chia seeds, banana or other fruits

  • Sweet potatoes

I love having these, although sometimes i do not use them all week but just the fact that i can bake potato fries or do something fancy with them comforts me

  • Ice-cream snack

I absolutely have to get these. I love anything chocolate chip cookie dough so thats all i go for except a few experiments here and there. I do not believe in eliminating everything or punishing myself by not having treats, so i plan ahead for them and fit them into my macros, check out #iifym

  • Bananas

Just because i love them. One of my favorite fruits.

  • Peanut Butter

I just came to love these recently, i used to have the completely natural one, you know the one that the oil stays on top, i think that was the healthiest form lol so i didn’t really care for it much. I decided to try the dark chocolate peanut butter and OMG its amazing, so now its a staple!

Well i think those are my main ones, i have other things on my list but those are on and off.

Share what yours are!