CSR-MI helps keep your pension investment strong, secure

By Rosemary Carey, CSR-MI Communications Consultant

You’re not alone in the fight to protect pensions and retirement security. You have the Coalition for Secure Retirement–Michigan (CSR-MI) which serves as the unified voice of active and retired state, school and municipal employees in Michigan with policymakers and the public. CSR-MI advocates for the protection of public pensions and retiree health care for the 50,000 retired state employees in the State Employees Retirement System and the 170,000 in the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System. Currently, 12 groups are members of the Coalition.

CSR-MI partners with the National Public Pension Coalition (NPPC) to ensure a secure retirement in Michigan.

CSR-MI regularly meets with legislators and other state officials to educate them on the value of public sector pensions and regularly provides written reports and alerts to its member organizations. It monitors legislation and meetings of state, school and municipal employee retirement boards. CSR-MI also offers public pension workshops to update active and retired state and school employees.

CSR-MI is also a clearinghouse for pension-related news and information — both statewide and nationally. At www.csr-mi.org, you can find the latest Michigan news covering pension issues, press releases and opinion pieces, and a list of officers and meeting dates — all information you can use.

Join CSR-MI and be a part of the efforts to make sure all current workers have the promise of a secure retirement and retirees can continue to benefit from that promise.