How one conference challenged the customer service philosophy of a nation.

Kerdell Brereton from Massy Technologies, InfoCom about to sign her name on the poster that read ‘I believe we can achieve a standardized, authentic, customer service, excellence philosophy in Trinidad and Tobago.

The International Customer Service Standard

The Customer Service Standard Certification Limited (CSSC) hosted ‘Let’s Talk Service 2015’ at the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The purpose of the event was to address the issue of customer service in a more meaningful way, by introducing the International Customer Service Standard as a viable solution.

Director and Co-Founder Mr. Darren Jones

The conference opened with Director and Co-Founder Mr. Darren Jones, who called for the need of more meaningful conversations on customer service in Trinidad and Tobago and introduced the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) as a holistic tool to efficiently remedy the challenges of customer service. Mr. Jones issued a rallying call, stating that the quest for improvement in customer service was alive and vibrant as he reaffirmed CSSC’s commitment to ensure meaningful improvement.

The Events.

Comedian Keevan Lewis

The conference kicked off with an entertaining social commentary from comedian Keevan Lewis who had the audience buzzing with laughter as he gave a humorous but vivid view of the customer service environment-much to the attendees’ approval.

Guest Speaker Kenneth Corbie

Guest Speaker Kenneth Corbie gave an energy-packed and dynamic presentation on understanding the relationship of authenticity and how it relates to standardization. He called on guest to carry the Trinbagonian spirit to the workplace. Mr. Corbie had the audience look within themselves, drawing out, the true meaning of authenticity. Attendees soon realized the real possibility of improvement and meaningful change. This resulted in attendees standing and making a commitment to do something significant for customer service in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ms. Michelle Mischier

Ms. Michelle Mischier gave a very insightful presentation on the latest trends in customer service; allowing businesses to guard against switching customers and position themselves to gain revenue from customers who may leave one service provider as a result of mediocre service.

Keynote speaker Mrs. Christine Churchill-Burke

Keynote speaker Mrs. Christine Churchill-Burke gave a rather impressive and information packed presentation on customer loyalty, global trends and service experience. She called on guests to embrace the International Customer Service Standard to address the many customer service challenges in Trinidad and Tobago. Attendees were glued in from start to finish and were able to get a clear understanding and framework for improving customer service.

Over $24, 000 worth of prizes were distributed as attendees were well satisfied with the outstanding food served and plus-one service from the team at CSSC. Certificates of participation were distributed which marked the inaugural event; and attendees were able to have all questions answered by a very interactive panel discussion. Those that were not ready to leave were also able to interact one-on-one with all speakers, fellow Director and Co-founder of CSSC, Mr. Gerard Andrews, and their fellow colleagues.

The Solution.

All attendees, from many various businesses and organizations nationwide made the commitment to work towards implementing an authentic and standardized service excellence philosophy in Trinidad and Tobago.