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Casting Tokens (CST) used in Casting Network are issued as ERC-20 based on Ethereum.

Ethereum has the advantage of providing a distributed computing network that can establish various DAPP by operating user- customized smart contracts through blockchain.

With scalability and versatility as its weapons, Ethereum has grown into a blockchain platform chosen by most projects that do not operate on Mainnet.

However, the other side of this growth is the chronic problems of high transaction fees and the Ethereum network’s data bottleneck phenomenon.

To solves these problems, Casting Network aims to build a new blockchain solution that can increase the accessibility and scalability of the platform by adopting a Layer 2 solution to provide affordable internal transaction fees to platform users while maintaining blockchain accessibility and objectivity.

Casting Tokens (CST) based on the Ethereum network’s high scalability and versatility are used for trades in external exchange listings and between external wallets.

When the payment service provided by casting wallets is used, all internal payment data is operated by becoming on-chain as Luniverse’s sidechains.

By providing these independent services, Casting Network minimizes payment fees and provides a blockchain payment system that can be used for actual transactions with a speed corresponding to actual payment platforms.

Casting Network is working hard to develop a true decentralized payment platform that provides safe payment data management and transparent settlement by making all payment data on-chain without using internal DB.

Blockchain (Hybrid On-Chain Solution)

Casting Network structured its internal network by introducing the Luniverse Baas sidechain of Lamda256 to construct a stable blockchain network through a multi-node operation.

It laid the foundation of providing high productivity and a safe, convenient user experience through its partnership with Lamda256, which develops/operates the companys blockchain services.

Casting Network uses Ethereum Mainnet tokens with high versatility and popularity in payment solutions and external withdrawals of casting wallets.

It also operates by introducing Luniverse sidechains for internal payments, settlement, and various data storage and management and applies a Layer2 solution that exclusively builds Luniverse sidechains.

It provides a public network in which users and affiliates can directly check transactions of payments externally to provide existing blockchain payment solutions, which are managed by internal DB and managed as points, and transparency/scalability based on differentiated blockchain.

Casting Network is carrying out the development to manage records of various works provided by the Moolban-gogiban platform as distributed ledgers by introducing Luniverse DID.

Amongst the two representative contents, the first is the fishing condition content, and in the existing fishing industry, many fishers were harmed due to fake fishing conditions.

Fake fishing conditions is when business owners deceive people by saying other ship s fishing condition is their fishing condition or manipulate dates when uploading fishing condition content Secondary damage frequently occurs for fishers who check the content and make a booking.

Moolban-gogiban blocks replication or falsification of the original by recording the authenticity status of all uploaded fishing condition content through the blockchain platform to prevent damage like the above.

Secondly, through Moolban-gogiban’s independent development, it will submit boarding lists through the QR code or NFC tagging issued at the time of booking by applying decentralized identifier (DID) technology to the electronic boarding system, which successfully completed its test service linking to the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries’ boarding list system.

Non-face-to-face boarding reports will also be possible to prevent the spread of the recent corona virus infection (Covid-19).

In addition, non-face-to-face boarding reports will protect personal information, and the possibility of fast departure from individual reports will be expected to be an innovative change that Moolban-gogiban’s electronic boarding list service will bring.

Furthermore, all of Moolban-gogiban platform’s key information will be recorded on the blockchain, and users will be able to check the information’s transparency in on-chain directly. Various information stored on the blockchain will increase the Moolban-gogiban platform’s data reliability and improve the actual service experience.

Luniverse sidechains will be issued according to the smart contract when Ethereum-based tokens are deposited externally into a casting wallet.

When withdrawn externally again, it will develop a series of incineration processes of the Luniverse sidechain tokens, building Casting Network’s blockchain hybrid platform for high operational efficiency.

Developer-friendly environments and various plug-ins provide a convenient environment for DAPP development and have the advantage of many developers collaborating simultaneously through open source.

Casting Network generates items and characters issued as non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Moolban-gogiban platform.

Unlike a typical virtual asset, only one issued token exists. Since only one token is issued, it has the characteristics of ‘non-fungible’.

The item and character NFTs obtained in scarcity on the Moolban-gogiban platform will be the medium that connects reality with the virtual.

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#CastingNetwork - Leisure O2O Blockchain platform. Telegram:

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