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What is CSforAll?

Computer Science for All — CSforAll — is a bold call to action to bring meaningful computer science education to every K-12 student in the United States.

CSforAll is a set of core values, a community, and a body of work.

Core Values: We believe that CS education must be rigorous, inclusive, and sustainable.

  • Rigorous means moving past engagement to real-world learning. Rigorous means challenging students to write code, design and build artifacts, and collaborate and communicate while they do it. Rigorous means creating pathways that build upon prior knowledge and empowering students to build increasingly sophisticated solutions to the challenges they take on.
  • Inclusive means that all students should learn computer science. Inclusive means that all students can be successful regardless of their background.
  • Sustainable means we are investing in long-term change; there are no shortcuts to success. Sustainable means CSforAll is built to last.

Community: The CSforAll movement spans small, grassroots projects in communities across the country to giant initiatives in urban districts like Chicago, NYC, and San Francisco. Our members are educators and families, government, industry, nonprofit and university leaders, philanthropy, and more. Our work is led by teachers, principals, curriculum writers, researchers, and students — the people who know schools best — as well as the full range of out-of-school-time educators who use their expertise to remake and expand educational opportunities for all students.

Body of Work: While CSforAll is a relatively new concept, we are building on a strong foundation based on decades of research, development, and practice. From Seymour Papert and Running On Empty and Stuck in the Shallow End, to decades of National Science Foundation investment in the field, to landmark studies on debugging, computational thinking, girls in CS, and broadening participation. CSforAll is defined by the projects that have established formal and informal computer science education through curriculum development, standards and frameworks, teacher professional development and pathways, out-of-school program creation, and research on student learning and equity.

Three Things You Can Do Right Now!

It’s a great time to get involved in this growing community.

  1. Plan to join our National Briefing Call on K-12 Computer Science Education on Monday, September 18 at 2:00 EDT.
  2. Make a commitment to Computer Science for All for the upcoming CSforAll Summit.
  3. Join the CSforAll Consortium, sign up for our email newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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