My 71 Years Of Life

As I sit on my porch gazing at the stars, glass of scotch in my left hand, pipe filled with an unusual substance in my right , I can’t help but reminiscence on the 7 decades I have been graced with to walk this mysterious planet we call Earth. I don’t regret not 1 second of it, the good, the bad, the ugly , if presented with the opportunity and a time machine I wouldn’t hesitate to do it exactly the same all over again. As each year past , so does my memories, piece by piece, they fade into the darkness , so I find myself documenting my life which in returns allows me to hold on to the past a little longer. I wouldn’t have made it to 71 years of age if it wasn’t for the love of my Family and the companionship of my closest friends. I always kept a small circle of friends, so I really only call 2 people friends, and the rest associates. It might not be enough for some people, but 2 is more then an sufficient amount for me. We were 3 stooges, always finding some type of trouble to get into , from lost middle school boys naive to the world and the reality that lays within it , all the way to grown men with families of our own working 9–5’s. The random vacations , the drunken nights, the meaningless fights on those drunken nights, the brotherhood forged between us will never be broken let alone forgotten. If it wasn’t for them knuckle heads, I wouldn't of met the love of my life. The day was September 5, 2020 , we were on a cruise to the Bahamas , which was one of our great ideals on one of those drunken nights I mentioned earlier, and we seen a group of ladies sitting on the deck . we had been drinking all morning, so our confidence was high and testosterone was oozing out of out pores , with a stench of Hennessy and Coke.I had the bright ideal to go over and invite them to salsa night which was taking place later that night, knowing I moved with 2 left feet and 12 toes. the leader of the 3 was drop dead gorgeous , and boasted a bright white smile, she looked up and batted her deep green eyes and spoke with a whisper , as she softly but firmly told me no. Iv’e always had a thing for being told no, I could never accept that I wasn’t capable of doing something, it was just the competitive edge in me . So I challenged her to a dance off and might have implied that I would dance circles around her , and she flashed that breath taking smile once again and accepted it with an mischievous look in her eye. I didn’t encounter any resistance from the other 2 ladies , as always my boys were taking care of the risk of interference, but I always picked the hardest one to get , maybe because secretly I like the challenge of being told no. Later that night I totally made a fool out of myself on the dance floor, who would of known she was also a dance instructor , and practiced dance all her life! It was an humbling experience, but I went with the flow of things and made the best of the situation by displaying my lack of interest in looking like a fool , and expressing my interest in her instead. It was no secret that i was just blowing smoke earlier on the deck , but my upbeat, non nonchalant attitude worked for me as I wooed my future wife of 40 years now. At first she wasn’t too big on me being a soldier, and my lifestyle I was living at the time, but she too was head over heels for me and would follow me into any battle without hesitation. I understood her concern for me , and our future family, for i didn’t want to raise my kids all over the world , and longed for geographical stabilization as well. Eventually ,I decided to retire early and start my own business contracting equipment to the military instead, which turned out to be very profitable in the long run. It was a leap of faith , that took a lot of prayer with a nudge or 2 from my wife. Early on in life , I took a lot of risks without a clear or concise path to follow , purely off the strength of having faith in the one above. I survived multiple deployments , a couple of life threatening encounters , and countless sticky situations with the help of my savior . As a rebel from birth , I never thought I would reach my full potential without me finding a way to cut my life short, but 70 years later here I am. With each failure , I triumphed , and found a way for them to fuel the ambition for my success. As I made mistakes, I grew grey hair, I would like to think because I was getting wiser as I matured as a man , but my mom always said it was hereditary. I’m 71 years old, and I am bold enough to say I’m wise beyond my years, its like I’ve experienced 142 years of life instead. Now I’m the old man in the barbershop kicking wisdom to the young bucks, hoping that they will grasp just a little bit, helping them avoid some of the self-inflicted obstacles I had to endure. Never thought i’d be that guy, but in hindsight , I learned some valuable life lessons in the barbershop listening to them old fools, which was me now. As I smoke my pipe thinking about my last days on this earth , I want to be remembered as a man of substance who taught love begets love , and to stay true to who you are and not what the world wants you to be. They should write on my tombstone “A Tenacious Man Who Left The World Better Then He Found It”