Stop Wasting Your Money

I write this in between the first and second period of a Golden Bears hockey game. This is probably my 5th or 6th varsity hockey game that I’ve attended this season. Now, I’m not a huge fan of hockey, but I am damn proud of my University.

2 weeks ago I watched the Golden Bears destroy the UBC Thunderbirds 5–1. It was an absolutely fantastic game and I was able to sit right against the glass with half a dozen of my friends (and went through about half a dozen beers). After the game, we needed another pint so we headed up to the worst bar in the area, RATT. Our group went up the elevator with a few older fans who sparked up a conversation. One gentleman was really proud that we had just come from the game. He spoke about how the American universities are able to bring out tens of thousands of people to every varsity game and sell out stadiums of 100,000+. Now, the US of A is a bit more crazy than us Canadians when it comes to their football games. But what do us Canadians say when we’re describing the culture in our country? Hockey. Why can’t we get a 1,000 people to come out to a Golden Bear games at a time at which Oilers are (still) terrible?

This academic year, the U of A passed an increase of $16.38 to the Athletics and Recreation Mandatory Non-Instruction Fee. This extra $16 allowed all students free access to all regular season Golden Bears and Pandas games. Free. 100%. For every regular season game. Of every sport. Our varsity sports include hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, curling, tennis, rugby, track & field, swimming, wrestling, cross country, and golf.

Now, every single time hockey season comes around, my Facebook feed is flooded with how good the Oilers will be this year. “THIS IS OUR YEAR” is the most common sentence in Edmonton. Oilers fans have incredible optimism. Now a single ticket for an Oilers game in the worst seats in the house are $53. For a little over double that you can buy an adult season ticket to Golden Bears hockey ($126) which includes 14 games. And you can sit wherever the hell you want.

I’m not saying the Oilers shouldn’t be supported, I’m all for it. But it saddens me that we don’t have more support for our local University team. So I challenge all my friends to attend at least one University of Alberta varsity game. Doesn’t have to be hockey, chose any sport you would like. Just make sure you cheer on your school. And for the years to come, keep coming back and pay the few $ and support your alma mater.

Oh and beers are $5.50 for half a litre, better than Rexall.

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