I Became the Sky

I read the most beautiful line of writing yesterday from Kurt Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian:

“I became the sky.”

Isn’t it beautiful? “I became the sky.” Imagine becoming the sky… lying down somewhere beautiful and closing your eyes to let all the worries and problems melt away. To just embrace all your joy and thrill-dom and become the sky?

“I became the sky.”

What does it even mean, to become the sky? Does it mean to just let things go? Or does it mean to just accept things the way things are? Could it mean to open yourself and step into the openess of newness? I don’t really know. Of all the things to become, the possibility of becoming the sky opens up my heart in such a way that it fills up with wide open sky. And at the same time, it empties my heart of all its it can’t possibly happen.

That’s how powerful it can be, to become the sky.