CoinStruction Joining Forces with, a Blockchain-based Platform for Secure Transactions

3 min readApr 20, 2020


The CoinStruction liquidity framework and BlockCerts Blockchain have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership. The relationship will provide revolutionary new offerings to Fintech and expand blockchain adoption into mainstream business.

CoinStruction is a framework for cross-platform crypto-asset exchange and market liquidity offering a reliable, back-end layer of interoperability and standardization for the crypto market, and BlockCerts Blockchain provides businesses a patented Secure Virtual Space Technology on the blockchain with proprietary business applications. virtualizes -decentralizes — mobilizes businesses securely. Every application begins with a 3-step IDCERTin™ authentication, which combines with Smarter Office integrated solutions to create immediate digitization for businesses of any size — securely.

The new partnership ties Fintech solutions together with a smart-contract-as-a-service platform. Now exchanges, token issuers, and securities markets have a revolutionary new level of KYC onboarding and transaction compliance for authentication, verification, and identification — never available before. With the BCERTin wallet and IDCERTin™, every business can select their business rules for authentication. Within IDCERTin™, Refinitiv World Check for AML and LexisNexis background checks lower risks from the initial registration and with on-going business through the patented “authenticated handshake.”

The BlockCerts Open Structure Organization platform empowers digital assets, digital banking, and collaboration without high-risk data silos (common in the SaaS industry). The BCERTin APP suite delivers custom-configured platforms integrated into one secure place for companies of all sizes.

Once authenticated, verified parties use their private key to access for trading, transactions or for their Virtual Smart Office. A full immutable record provides tracking and compliance. With over 400 applications or “gadgets” BlockCerts has a proprietary plug and play solutions for tailored business solutions.

The same bank-grade security for digital exchanges is provided to all businesses, providing a new way to work with anyone — anywhere in a Virtual Office. A dashboard provides the tools to manage an entire business from one secure place while accelerating productivity. Teams collaborate in work channels, instant messages, files are stored and shared, smart contracts are created simply and automated and more.

BlockCerts provides an individual approach to every client, evaluating current systems and creating a tailored solution to provide greater efficiencies to lower costs and eliminate outdated SaaS software. Integration staff provides a step-by-step implementation plan for a business to follow to integrate the BlockCerts native blockchain platform rapidly.

CoinStruction will collaborate with current clients and contacts in the cryptocurrency and crypto-token secondary markets to facilitate listing processes and provide consultancy services as an extension of the BlockCerts Blockchain team.

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CoinStruction is creating the ultimate liquidity framework of the cryptocurrency industry. It aims to achieve its goal by aggregating valid and internally verified cryptocurrency buy and sell orders from exchanges integrated into its architecture.

CoinStruction has obtained 2 FIU licenses from the Estonian regulator (Finantsinspektsioon) making CoinStruction an EU-regulated enterprise and giving validity to it’s offered products and services. Obtained licenses are for (1) providing fiat-to-crypto exchange gateway and (2) custodianship licenses for in-house developed wallet CoinAm.

Reacting to the hottest market trends, CoinStruction is providing the services of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on their own ExMarkets for upcoming token projects. It is especially attractive to projects who want to keep their focus on product development and community building and launch their token offering already on an exchange guaranteeing liquidity to their backers and saving valuable resources at the same time.

Currently, the CoinStruction ecosystem consists of two functional cryptocurrency trading platforms ExMarkets and CoinSupply and a digital wallet CoinAM to be launched by Q1, 2019.

CoinStruction — the world’s largest crypto order book!




The first B2B/B2C cryptocurrency platform connected to multiple exchanges, offering thick order books, low fees and tight bid/ask spreads.