The Cheat’s Guide to Painting and Decorating: DIY Tools for an Easier Job

The painting and decorating process can be extremely time consuming, as surfaces may need to be stripped, cleaned and primed before the main work can even begin. This, added with the many different paints, pastes and equipment you’ll need to complete the process well, makes decorating a costly and sometimes inconvenient task. For those who want to decorate more efficiently and cost-effectively, there are a number of specialist ‘cheat’ tools available for hire which perform well and can help you get more consistent results quicker:

Paint stripper

In order to apply a smooth, even coating of paint on plaster or bare wood, you’ll need to prep them and remove any existing paint or textures that have clung to the surface. The hassle free way to achieve this is by using a paint and coating stripper, which will clean as well as smooth the surface you’re working on for optimal painting conditions. A powerful prep tool like the Refina Power Prep, can be used for floors, walls and ceilings, to clean plasterboard, stone, brick or concrete surfaces. Double up your paint stripper as a sander or finisher and you could save a lot of money as well as time.

Wallpaper stripper

A wallpaper stripper is an essential tool to remove stubborn paper and residue and can make your decorating task as simple and efficient as possible. You’ll get faster and more even results than going at it with a scraper by hand — it’s a stress free experience. Opt for a wallpaper stripper with a step up so that you can safely reach ceilings and top of the walls.

Heat gun

You may think that this is not the most necessary tool, but a hot air, heated gun is a versatile and handy addition to your DIY kit. It can be used for stripping paint, bending plastic, heat shrinking, on vinyl floor tiles or for ageing wood effortlessly. Most heat guns will allow you to control the temperature, so that you can work safely on different materials without melting or cracking them. There are also different types of nozzles available for concentrated coverage or for heating a larger area.

Paint sprayer

Getting a flawless finish on your paintwork can be tricky and time consuming, especially if you’re working with new, tight or angled surfaces. The cheat’s way? A paint sprayer that can give you professional coverage rates over large areas. You can use an airless paint sprayer that will take paint from the original container, so there’s no need for mixing tubs. An airless sprayer also prevents any pollution from aerosol propellants, which will make the job easier and less costly. A sprayer will provide a great finish for all popular soluble based paints and works easily with high viscosity materials (use a suitable thinner to enable more viscous paint to flow freely).

Access equipment

To ensure your decorating and painting job is safe and takes as little time and effort as possible, you’ll need the right access equipment, especially if you’ll be working on high decorating projects. A handy piece of access equipment is a stairway tower, which is easy to erect and allows you to work safely on hard to reach areas.

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