This is what SFPD’s Tenderloin captain said about the incident:
Jonah Owen Lamb

Bull shit. I would try to get away from boot-jacked cops too. He didn’t try to bite the one guy — but the cop SAID it “are you trying to bite me?’ loud enough to be heard so it could be in the report and he could cover his ass (STOP RESISTING!). He flailed his legs, because he was being ATTACKED — it is a NATURAL response to fight back when attacked! What person would go limp when being assaulted? Your FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT response kicks in — it is an UNCONSCIOUS response! (Cops KNOW this — “STOP RESISTING!” and they abuse it to hell, fuckers!) Where is the follow up on the man? How is he now? What happened to him? Why did the pigs SIT ON HIM for over ten minutes? Why did they strip him? Why did the twist his leg around? This makes me sick — and I live here. WHY did it take 14 boot-jacks to subdue a single one-legged skinny ass black man? Are the cops such fucking COWARDS??????

And where is the INEFFECTUAL wimpy mayor Ed Lee on his rogue cops? The actions of the cops in the last few months (years!) is a blight on San Francisco!