Days 1-7 of a Trump Presidency

He’s got the best word so let’s let them speak for themselves.

Day 1: Declares war on ISIS

Day 2: Incites trade war

Day 3: Declares ISIS militants are operating within the US and suspends freedom of speech, restricts social media and shuts down parts of the internet

Day 4: Implements religion tests

Day 5: Directs angry mob to round up 11 million immigrants and those who fail the religion test

Day 6: Directs angry mob to round up dissidents and protesters

Day 7: Trump saw all that he has Made and it was Great Again. Trump rests (for now).

Will all these policies be implemented within the first seven days? Of course not. What about in the first four years? Probably not. Maybe he only makes it through “Days 1–4". Maybe just “Days 1–3"?

Am I taking too many liberties or am I just laying out the incoherent ramblings of an egomaniacal madman into a terrifying narrative? Can anyone else articulate his plan for the first week?

The federal system of government has checks and balances but as we’ve all seen, Trump loves a good court case. He has no reservations about breaking laws and taking it to court. If you think checks and balances will stop him, think again. I have no doubt that Trump will push the limits further than any past president and faster than the legal system can keep up with.

Regardless of what you think of “the media”, these are all things that Trump has said he plans to do. This isn’t a matter of opinion or interpretation.

Trumpism has destroyed our collective understanding of “truth” but two things we all must remember are that 1) history repeats itself and 2) democracy is fragile.

Let’s not confuse the issues; a rebuke of Donald Trump is not an endorsement for Hilary Clinton, but a vote for Donald Trump validates his dystopian proposals.