Spreadsheets Revisited

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Oct 18 · 1 min read

Written by Gary Vasey: At the ETEM conference last week, quite a lot of panel time was dedicated to a discussion of spreadsheets versus ETRM.

To me, this is a long dead topic that has been done to death but…. new people and new entities come into the industry all of the time that do not have the benefit of twenty odd years talking, eating and living ETRM software.

I think at one point, I told the panel that since we potentially had a room full of newbies, that we ought to revisit the discussion and I will do so now, in this article for the same reason.

ETEM was marketed as “the only forum of its kind dedicated to helping high growth firms optimize their energy trading business units and transition into more efficient, automated organizations,” and with the surge in renewable generation, a lot of smaller new suppliers ave entered power markets, for example, and are now shopping for systems or building their own solutions.


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