Amazing Applications of CT Scan BHU

Doctors need to use a plethora of tools to study, understand, confirm, or diagnose different diseases or disorders including blood tests, X-rays, sputum test and scanning procedures. Thanks to the amazing advances in science and medicine, doctors can quickly generate images of body’s internal system without even pricking a needle inside the body by using CT scan at BHU.

Advanced imaging technology

There are many types of imaging techniques that leverage X-rays, sound waves, or magnetic fields for creating a detailed picture of internal parts of body. These techniques are MRI scans, X-rays, and CAT scans.

Computerized Tomography or CT is conducted by doctors who are specialized in the field and are known as radiologists. These work on the same principle as X-rays but are able to produce more detailed images in the form of cross sections for better visibility. CT scan BHU is also able to penetrate deep inside the body for generating images of tissues, blood vessels, and even muscles. Sometimes, a contrast dye is used for higher resolution especially for examining heart.

Use of CT scanning in heart related conditions

CT scan BHU has ability to reveal multiple conditions that can impact normal functioning of heart. Coronary Heart Diseases are the most common conditions of heart that can lead to heart attacks. CHDs need to be diagnosed at early stages, so that the treatment can be started as early as possible.

CT scan BHU has remarkable ability to detect issues with cardiac blood supply. The major problems that can hamper blood flow to the heart are narrowing or blockages in coronary arteries. Cardiologists can also use CT scanning for detection of aneurisms that are related with aorta.

Use of CT scans in lung and cancer diseases

Radiologists are also able to diagnose blockages in blood supply to lungs including pulmonary embolism. Cardiac CT scan exams are also used extensively for understanding and confirming presence of pericardial diseases.

CT scan BHU finds its extensive application in the diagnosis of multiple types of cancers. Radiological Society of North America confirms use of CT scanning technique in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer to name a few. The most significant use of CT scan is to assess need for radiation treatment in patients suffering from cancer.

These medical imaging techniques are also used commonly for confirmation of spinal disorders. Since CT scanning delivers highly detailed images of bones and tissues, it is used for understanding disorders of mussels, bones, and joints.

CT scans in traumatic injuries

Road accidents or accidents caused due to fall can lead to internal injuries or head injuries. These are also commonly referred to as traumatic injuries. These type of injuries are considered as medical emergencies and require immediate intervention to stop internal bleeding and to reduce further damage to internal organs.

In order to understand the nature and extent of damage to internal organs prior to surgical procedures, CT scanning is usually performed in such cases. CT scan BHU helps minimize need for exploratory surgeries and medical biopsies.

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