Proof: Arcade City is a Scam

Christopher “Reek Pille” David

Hello everyone,

I’m writing this to warn the Ethereum community…again… about Arcade City. If you need some background info on this, check out this article on Fusion:

Recently Arcade City released their app in the Apple and Google Stores:

The App, does nothing other than scroll users through a series of texts claiming that ridesharing capabilities will be “unlocked” once users gather enough “Karma” in each one of their cities. Understandably, drivers are frustrated and angry that the app was released with a “game” forcing them to work for free before any of them can start making money:

Many believe that the app was released with no ridesharing capability in it at all, and that Christopher “Reek Pille” David is simply using the karma points as a stall tactic. Several people opened up the app via an APK decompiler and confirmed this suspicion:

The app has no GPS, mapping, location and/or any functionality that would allow it to have ridesharing “unlock” after a certain number of “Karma” is collected.

Christopher “Reek Pille” David has claimed that he had ridesharing functionality programmed into the original app released in February of 2016. However, that app only allowed riders to set up pre-scheduled rides. Moreso, the app did not have payment processing so Arcade City made no money from their previous app. As a result, Christopher was unable to pay vendors properly. Below is a snippet on how Christopher handled the payment of vendors — specifically the server supporting the app. This is very likely the reason why the original app went offline: Christopher “Reek Pille” David had no money to pay the servers.

On 09/07/2016 Christopher David called in to a local radio show in Austin, TX and the host, Mike Allen was willing to ask the hard questions that every Bitcoin/Ethereum/crypto journalist has failed to do. Skip to the 160 minute mark for when it gets good:

Just today, I received from a former Arcade City employee the following chat message from the Arcade City CTO Mark Burggraf (who has not heard from Chris in 5 months):

This confirms our worst suspicions:

1. The app in stores right now is incomplete and was intentionally released to stall users while Chris completes the rideshare coding himself.

2. Chris blew through all $270,000 from investor Roger Ver ( and others and still has no app to show for it.

3. Chris is broke, and is heading to DevCon 2 in hopes of finding “deep pocket Ethereum folks” to fund his continued fraud.

Please share this with as many Ethereum publications and DevCon 2 organizers you can. I don’t want to see any other investors/drivers/people hurt by Christopher “Reek Pille” David

If you wish to know more about Christopher “Reek Pille” David’s history of fraud and deceit read this:

Update: 11/9/16

The current Arcade City Development team has been very gracious in reaching out to me hoping to address my concerns. They have actively distanced themselves from former CEO Christopher David. I cannot vouch for their current performance now, but I can see that they have tried their best to limit Chris’ managerial capability:

I have also requested that in lieu of Chris receiving compensation that the 1% from ICO sales be diverted to a victims fund to make whole the victims of Christopher David’s past frauds. Victims detailed in my article here:

As of this writing, that fund has not been set up.

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