Sidestein Market Popular With NYU Students

Riley Goodell briskly walks into Sidestein Market, a dining outlet located NYU’S Weinstein Residence Hall, wearing a green camouflage ROTC uniform.

“I came to see if I could get any Jolly Ranchers,” said the NYU Sophomore. “We have an ROTC booth [for Weekend on the Square] and I wanted to get candy.” Despite the specific nature of her trip, Goodell says that Sidestein Market is her dining outlet of choice. “ I come to Sidestein quite often actually. I live in Lafayette Hall, so I’m really far away [from NYU’s campus]. When I do come to campus, this is where I usually [go]. I like the layout, it is easy to find everything I need, there’s quantity and quality, it’s a pretty nice place [and the] people are always really nice.

For many students like Goodell, Sidestein Market’s grocery store-like nature makes it a convenient place to purchase groceries, hot food, and other products while on campus. After opening in the summer of 2014 and receiving an A grade during a New York City health inspection the next year, in which inspectors found only a single violation, Kris Stengele, the Assistant Retail Food Service Director for Sidestein Market says the dining outlet sees between 12 and 15 thousand patrons a week.

“Each week we get busier,” said Stengele, who began working for NYU when Sidestein opened almost two years ago. “It’s a lot of people, that’s why it’s always a little crazy in here. We are busier than expected.”

Stengele partially attributes this success to Sidestein Market’s adaptive nature. “Sidestein’s niche has changed and grown. We’ve adapted to student’s feedback and we found that they want a little bit of everything, so we’ve got Velveeta products [and] Kellogg [products], but we also have almond butter, [and] premium WTRMLN WTR, so [Sidestein Market] really appeals to everyone on campus. You can find a little bit of everything here.”

This variety is one of the reasons Brandon Lee, an NYU Freshman in the Liberal Studies program, chooses to shop at Sidestein Market.

“[I often visit Sidestein Market for] the candy, I’m always getting gummies and sour patch kids,” said Lee, who says he has never seen gummy candy for sale at any other NYU dining outlet.

To Libuse Janska, an NYU freshman studying biology, Sidestein Market’s variety of healthy foods and convenience makes the market her go-to spot on campus for quick and nutritious snacks. “Sidestein is the quickest,” she said as she grabbed a pre-packaged sandwich from a refrigerator at the west end of the store. “It seems like [it has] the healthiest options and honestly just seems the quickest. If I’m in a rush, getting a sandwich [from Sidestein Market] seems like the best option.”

Despite their evidently satisfied customers, Sidestein Market won’t stop adapting based on student feedback any time soon, says Stengele, citing unspecified changes scheduled for this summer.

“It’s going to continue to change as we get more feedback from the students and customers. We try and adapt to not only the brands, but the flavors the [they] want, so it’ll continue to grow and evolve. We always try things out and if they don’t work, we’ll remove or adjust it as necessary. We’re still determining kind what the niche market is — we’ve only been open for two years”

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