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The GOP healthcare bill is dead. And we remember in this moment that collective resistance and constituent power is a force for change. We have to pause and celebrate. But our fight is not over. See ACT UP for the latest in our fight for our healthcare. And this week, we’re spotlighting a lot more in our PRACTICING JUSTICE section. Spiritual voices we need right now. Books, movies, etc. It’s pop culture to our rescue with Game of Thrones, A Wrinkle In Time (Ava DuVernay!!!!!!), Naomi Klein’s new book promising hope 🙏, and Fran Lebowitz getting frank on race.

— Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWELL

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July 19, 2017* // 

This Friday is the 6-month anniversary of the Women’s March. It’s another moment to pause and celebrate the power of collective resistance and hope.
Fran Lebowitz on race.


You can’t box us in to shitty healthcare! Skeleton GIFs by John Karel. Via Ann Friedman.

On Monday night, two Republican senators pulled their support for this GOP healthcare bill. There are many opinions on why it failed. Vox has a good one here. And healthcare reporter Ezra Klein weighs in, too. But we must also remember that the defeat of this bill shows us the importance of resistance and collective constituent power. Pause. Celebrate. Rise again. SEE ACT UP for new resources, because this battle is not over.

The administration is at war with the CBO. “Trump is transforming rural America.” The fight for net neutrality is hidden among the noise, but one of the most important ones we face. Watch this for more on just how important this battle is. And 45 just needs to tell the truth.

What can a left-wing French intellectual tell us about inequity in era of Trump? And really every era that came before? A lot. And when is speech considered violence? Our brain explains everything. Also, being busy all the f*%#@ing time is killing our creativity.


The GOP bill is dead. True. But the fight for healthcare is not over! Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may call for a full repeal of Obamacare even though he doesn’t have enough votes to win that vote. This might be a play to move on from healthcare or simply appear like they are moving on. Also, John Legend pretty much nailed the carelessness of Trump saying he’d just assume watch Obamacare die. But now Trump is calling for Republicans to create another bill and bring it forward. We can’t know what they are doing behind closed doors, and we know it’s hard to keep up, but we’ve got you. We have to keep vocalizing and showing our resistance. Indivisible has a great up-to-speed rundown here, as well as actions you can take now.


We celebrate Nelson Mandela this week for all that he did in the fight for equality.

Why the hell do we meditate anyway?! With Sharon Salzberg and Russell Brand. Watch the full interview here.

And activist and teacher Teo Drake on his battle with AIDs and how we won’t be able to live our values as a nation until wellbeing is considered a human right.

No Is Not Enough, Naomi Klein’s latest book, has been called “an ordinary person’s guide to hope.” We’re running to get it. And Witches, Sluts, Feminists comes highly recommended, too. Have you noticed the wild flurry on the internet? It’s the trailer for A Wrinkle In Time, being directed by Ava DuVernay. Now we just have to wait until March 18, 2018 to see it. 🙈

Here are ’23 Quotes That Perfectly Explain Racism (To People Who Don’t “See Color”).’ And this column digs deeper than most into the conversation around “how to build a better white guy.”


Daria and Jodie Landon for the comeback! This quick clip just nails it. If you didn’t watch Daria, watch this anyway. You need no context. If you loved Daria and remember loving Jodie, like we did, watch! Jodie’s character, like the entire show, was brilliant cultural commentary and WAY ahead of its time.


Amen, Lyanna Mormont. You’re our action hero of the week. #peoplepower #resistanceworks #riseup

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