WordPress: My Thoughts

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WordPress has been a challenge. There is no denying this blogging website is complicated, and takes a few mistakes to learn and understand how it all works, from widgets to trying to change the layout, it takes practice. However, I have enjoyed this learning curve, and I know it will help me in the future with both my course and my future blogging experiences.

So far I have had quite a bit of success with WordPress, as I can see from my stats page…

Screenshot of my statics page 07/12/16

I really like this feature as it tells me how many views and comments I am receiving on each blog post but my blog as a whole too. I also like been able to see when my blog is most popular, so what day and time people are reading my blog the most, enabling me to schedule my content in a efficient manner.

However I have struggled with WordPress, as it is my first time using the platform. At first widgets were an issue for me, however I will now deem these a success as I can successful change my weekly widget easily and, through trial and error, can move my widgets around confidently.

Screenshot of the widgets on my blog The University Veggie 7/12/16

I have struggled to make an impact within the WordPress community, but I hope to have overcome this by adding the blogs I follow onto my home page, as well as following and commenting on blogs similar in nature to my own. So far this has gained me a few extra comments, and hopefully will continue to provide success.

Screenshot of my blog The University Veggie 7/12/16
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