5 Things That Happen Working A Graveyard Shift

The graveyard shift is 8 hours mainly filled with isolation. Some people understand what we go through during these late hours and some people sympathize, but without ever working a graveyard shift, it’s hard to really understand what happens. Here are 5 things that nearly every graveyard shift employee has experienced at least once in their life.

1) You loath someone actually coming in…

I’m not saying that everyone who works a graveyard shift does so because they are bad at certain social situations, but let’s be real: Do you think someone who needs constant social stimulation is working while everyone is partying? Not by choice. At the company I work for (a hotel chain), I come in with a full day’s work already done and when I see people walk in for a room I sometimes loath them, but rest assured that this isn’t a common theme…

2) … But you’re also super happy you get to talk

I promised myself I would stop talking to myself, my therapist said it was unhealthy and that I should listen to myself and not my alter ego Steve who I fight with. That’s why when guests come into the hotel at 3 in the morning, I look at them like the new pup you just adopted. Through the graveyard shifts glorification of social situations, I’ve actually caught myself getting caught up in people’s lives outside the hotel and into my personal life. That’s right, I actually improved my social life through being isolated. And speaking of…

3) You begin wondering weird things (and then doing them)

Hopefully you aren’t full blown psychotic in this situation because that could be bad, but for us semi-normal folks it’s interesting to see what you end up thinking about during prolonged periods of no communication. Personally, I’m an organizer and planner with DIY genetics stemming from both parents, meaning I’ll organize and build things that often go unnoticed and remain unnoticed afterwards (cable organization is an underrated task).

I feel like I must make note of the fact that I don’t condone activities that put you in harms way or can get you fired, but with that being said one of my funnest moments was seeing how far up the hotel I could climb (not far), or messing with the computers to see how vulnerable our systems were.

4) You’re able to explore… or not.

I have more time than I probably should have, free to do whatever I want when I work the graveyard shift. If your graveyard shift is like mine, that means you’ve got more than enough time to explore new hobbies, read that book you’ve been meaning to finish, plan your next trip, make a budget! There’s so much time to get things done! If it wasn’t for this job at the hotel, I don’t think my budget would have ever been balanced, I would have ever actually learned guitar, took the time to think about my future, or even started pursuing other random things like writing.

Of course it’s not always a productive day. The lobby has a TV that has more channels than it should, and that means Adult Swim sucks me in often enough for me to have to turn the TV off before I even clock in. I also find that I eat more snack food while watching TV or sitting on the couch counting the number of tiles on the ceiling.

5) You wonder how you’re actually getting paid right now

There have been more than a few occasions where I’ve stopped everything I was doing, realizing I am at work and that it’s not normal to have this much freedom at work. Thanks to a superb team of individuals that make up both management and non-management staff here at the hotel, everything runs so smoothly that all I have are opportunities to get things done. Being able to do things with as many breaks, off shoot projects, and detail as you like really makes a difference and has even bled into my primary job as a Customer Service Representative for a drug store.

The graveyard shift is a beautiful time if you can stay awake, and sometimes your motivation is just staying awake. What do you do during your graveyard shift?