Divergent Thought — Police and Citizen Interactions — Show #1

The divide between police and citizen interactions is real. For some, it is almost rage inducing and causes palpable levels of moral outrage. On Episode 1 of Divergent Thought, we spoke with retired police office, Alan Davis.

During our discussion, we tried to better understand the mindset of those who take advantage of the rights, privileges, and powers bestowed upon them. We tried to better understand the inherent fear that some officers arguably have of black men. We discussed the need for better training, better thinking, and better listening.

In a world in which consideration of others and empathetic engagement are afterthoughts, civility of communication is vital. If we aspire to remain connected as a people, seeking first to understand prior to being understood is of critical importance. A mandate of the human condition is that we love each other, even when we disagree. At the very least, we should respect and learn from each other.

Police officers should be mindful of their actions and be courageous when dealing with people, particularly black men, instead of operating with a fear or lack of concern orientation.

Here are five lessons learned from the show:

1. Be willing to listen and learn from others

2. Engage at the local level to make sustainable change

3. Don’t judge an entire group based on the sins of a few

4. Have a willingness to have hard conversations

5. Do your own homework before making decisions

The proposals that we offer regarding how to move forward are not easy. That said, we owe it to ourselves to try. The chasm between blue and black has to become smaller. If not, we are all in serious trouble.

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