Writing to Our Hearts’ Content

Yesterday, a newspaper interviewer asked me if I thought Asian American playwrights had a responsibility to write Asian American characters and my response surprised me, as I had never articulated this thought before. I said, “I believe we have a responsibility to ourselves to tell the stories we want to tell, even if other people insist (subconsciously or blatantly) that the Asian American characters who might populate them won’t result in a play commercial enough to get produced.” It made me think about the panel that Seth Cotterman, Mike Lew, Lydia Diamond and I did at the Dramatists Guild Conference this past summer, and how grateful I am that I finally have “emerged” enough to truly believe this. Here’s to writing to our hearts’ content in 2016! https://medium.com/@DGFund/beyond-emerging-the-stages-of-a-writer-s-life-d025e7da69a#.n0u2y6em5

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