10+ Blockchain Experts You Should not Miss at CUBE Tech Fair

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May 8, 2018 · 5 min read

Aerospace suppliers use Blockchain to track parts. Consumer use cryptocurrency to invest. Healthcare companies apply blockchain to track patient data. But a recent survey from May 2018 of Gartner conducted that Blockchain may be known to 66% of CIOs but only two out of ten plan to use it in the near future. According to Gartners Blockchain expert David Furlonger, VP and Gartner Fellow: “Blockchain technology requires understanding of, at a fundamental level, aspects of security, law, value exchange, decentralized governance, process and commercial architectures. It, therefore, implies that traditional lines of business and organization silos can no longer operate under their historical structures.”

At CUBE Tech Fair, these ten blockchain experts will therefore explain the concept of blockchain, present use cases and compare the legal situation across the world:

Lucas Pinsdorf — Lucas is responsible for Business Development at Mercado Bitcoin, Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange top 50 in the world. Has previous experience with cryptocurrency management, legaltech, and Banking Law at Pinheiro Neto Advogados, one of the most respected Law Firms in the world. He also founded an organization in the Law School of São Paulo University (USP) focused on researching the capital markets and innovation (CEM). He was Executive Director of the National Council of Financial Market Leagues (CNLMF). Proud ICO investor in 0X.

Daniel Gusev– Daniel is Managing Partner at Gauss Ventures (Luxembourg) as well as a Russian FinTech Association Expert and FinTech Envoy with a background in history and banking. Since 2009, he has started several successful projects in leading banks in CEE, Europe and the UK. At the same time, he is a mentor for several accelerators and advises several startups. He has held a founder/executive role in three startups and has had one exit.

Christoph Jentzsch– Christoph is the Founder and CEO of Slock.it, concentrating on a decentralized sharing economy. He has a background in theoretical physics and has been a part of the Ethereum project since 2014 as Lead Tester.

Dimitra Papadopoulou– Dimitra is the Founder and CEO of meHealthX and Founder and VP of DLhealthRnD foundation which focuses on blockchain in digital health. Moreover, she is an independent expert at the EU Commission and Head of Blockchain Germany Practice at CGI as well as a lead consultant for several public organizations. Dimitra is also co-leading the WG Blockchain for Healthcare at German Budensblock Association and is a Scientific Board Member at the Israeli Blockchain Association.

Christian Tegge is the CEO of the Digital Blockchain Foundation. Chris has a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, the business model development process and the entrepreneurial learning mechanism. He started his career in the military before studying Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. During his studies he became involved with the Berlin Startup Ecosystem. He was also a university teacher in “entrepreneurial thinking“ and has already started and sold his own company. Christian worked as Head of Operations at German Startups Association where he was responsible for Strategic Partnerships & Business Development.

Dave Ebbitt– Dave is the Health Informatics Manager at Medicalchain, a UK based startup that is adopting blockchain for the secure storage and transfer of electronic health records. He holds years of experience at Allianz and is the Founder of MobileHealthUK.

Julie Maupin– IOTA Director of Social Impact and Public Regulatory Affairs. Julie is a leading expert on the legal, regulatory, and economic policy dimensions of blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies. A dual-trained lawyer and economist, her expertise spans cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, prediction markets, data analytics and artificial intelligence in IoT environments. Julie sits on the Fintech Advisory Board of the German Ministry of Finance and the UN Internet Governance Forum and is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (Canada) and the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UK). She frequently advises governments and intergovernmental organizations on DLT governance issues, most recently the G20, the Asian Development Bank, the German Development Agency GIZ, and the Government of Georgia. Julie now serves as Director of Social Impact and Public Regulatory Affairs for the IOTA Foundation in Berlin.

Harald Zapp– Harald is the CEO of Next Big Thing AG, a Berlin-based IoT company. In addition, Harald is a serial tech entrepreneur and Business Angel and holds nearly 25 years of working experience in the IT and telecommunications space. He is also a member of the BITKOM board.

Marin Livadaru– Marin is Co-Founder of DAYS.exchange (a sharing economy of longevity related service, using blockchain to help people assure health span and well-being) and has a record of successful M&A, finance and asset transactions. He is also a serial entrepreneur, investment manager, former top executive of MBB Group, Founder of FC DACIA and Founder of the International Academy of Economics and Politics.

Arwen Smit– Arwen Smit believes decentralised technologies will be the foundation of new economic and political models. The first blockchain initiative Smit founded, DOVU, is a blockchain-based reward system for the mobility and transportation sector. In other words, DOVU is a token you earn and spend by sharing and changing the way you travel. MintBit, her newest initiative, helps corporations and policy makers navigate decentralised technology, to collaboratively advance the ecosystem.

Arifa Khan– Arifa is the Founder & CEO of Himalaya — Capital Exchange, a stock exchange platform on the Blockchain that would run on smart contract algorithms and later use machine learning and AI. She is also an India Partner of the Ethereum Foundation.

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All information and the complete agenda can be found on the CUBE Tech Fair Website.

If you want to attend, please use the code CTFVIP2018 for free access to the conference.

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