Experts on Blockchain: Julie Maupin, IOTA

We asked Julie Maupin, one of our speakers at CUBE Tech Fair, whether Blockchain is Hype or Reality:

“For distributed ledger technologies to live up to their current hype, two things need to happen. First, innovators must learn to design for the actual environments in which their cool new DLT use cases will be implemented. This means taking the time to understand real-world infrastructure and connectivity constraints, regulatory requirements, and user experience considerations. No matter how cool your technology, these things will ultimately make the difference between a successfully implemented DLT solution and another meaningless press release. Second, governments and businesses must adapt to the new style of innovation: start with a problem, whiteboard then prototype possible solutions together with a diverse spectrum of collaborators, learn from the prototypes’ successes and failures, and then iterate until you get to something that actually solves the problem in a sensible way. Innovative solutions can’t be dictated from on high. They have to be developed agilely, collaboratively, iteratively. Traditional procurement processes simply don’t make sense in this context.”

Dr. Julie Maupin is a leading expert on the legal, regulatory, and economic policy dimensions of blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies. A dual-trained lawyer and economist, her expertise spans cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, prediction markets, data analytics and artificial intelligence in IoT environments. Julie sits on the Fintech Advisory Board of the German Ministry of Finance and the UN Internet Governance Forum and is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (Canada) and the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UK). She frequently advises governments and intergovernmental organizations on DLT governance issues, most recently the G20, the Asian Development Bank, the German Development Agency GIZ, and the Government of Georgia. Julie now serves as Director of Social Impact and Public Regulatory Affairs for the IOTA Foundation in Berlin.