2018 will be the year when IoT will overtake mobile phones

2018 will be the year when IoT will overtake mobile phones

According to a recent report of mobile technology company Ericsson Internet of Things is all set to take the crown from mobile phones when it comes to connected devices by 2018. Western Europe will play a leading role in adding IoT connections, the report says.

Ericsson expects the number of IoT connected devices to grow 23 percent annually between 2015 and 2021 — of which cellular IoT is forecast to have the highest growth rate. Of the 28 billion total devices that will be connected by 2021, close to 16 billion will be IoT devices.

The report also predicts that Western Europe will lead the way in adding IoT connections — the number of IoT devices in this market is projected to grow 400 percent by 2021. A development that will be mainly driven by regulatory requirements, for example for intelligent utility meters, and a growing demand for connected cars including the EU e-call directive to be implemented in 2018, Ericsson says.

According to Rima Qureshi, Ericsson’s Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer the IoT is now accelerating as device costs fall and innovative applications emerge. From 2020, Qureshi expects commercial deployment of 5G networks to provide additional capabilities that are critical for IoT, such as network slicing and the capacity to connect exponentially more devices than is possible today.

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