Is California thinking about seceeding?

As if California was not bad enough there now thinking of seceeding from the United States. Well, it is no surprise coming from the place the legalized marijuana and also you can grow it in yore own home so you know that they don’t like Trump so in their mind they think hey maybe if we split from the United States we will be fine. Hears the problem California is in one massive drought they live in the desert and their slowly splitting from the continent. So I guess that’s good for them?

But let’s not get scared California is not going to leave the United States it impossible for that happen because where could they go and how could they survive. So what does this mean well California does not like Trump. But California will stay in its place and they won’t leave. If they do leave its not going to be good years for California what could happen is that they will realise that they made a mistake and leave to join the United States again and leave California like a wasteland or they are going to come back and join the United States again.

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