The problem with modern day YouTube

Trust me I love YouTube but it holds different political opinions than me and it can sometimes be a little too preachy just like the gay pride month event they pulled but that just going to be the norm I guess and I need to get over it. But there are still problems with YouTube, for example, they don’t tell anyone about their new features that they are introducing, in other words, they don’t give us a heads up saying they were doing this.

They did not tell us that they are changing the algorithm you know the only way YouTubers make their money this destroyed animators careers because they changed it to watch time so this encourages videos that are about 10 minutes long hints the joke 10-minute ad revenue. Me being a YouTuber I feel that we should address this problem as a community and call out YouTube for their corporate lies and cheats. Another thing is that YouTube is so wrapped up in political correctness their afraid hear opinions that they don’t agree with so they silence the right so they can have a “safe environment” so people like Lowder With Crowder will be silenced from the most left corporate YouTube.

What these bigger YouTubers are saying is “YouTube has changed” or “YouTube is not what it used to be” it’s just laughable now because it is the most obvious thing in the world now things change every day it’s no surprise that YouTube has changed. YouTube has changed into Liberal propaganda almost like CNN but was close the other thing is that it’s just a big business at this point drowning in political correctness hinting the gay pride month event.

It’s sad where YouTube is going right now, soon something will take it over, something much better will take it over.

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