The problem with welfare

Welfare is financial support given to people in need just in case you did not know so we can be on the same page here. So I don’t have that big of a problem with welfare but there are some things I hate about it 
People abuse it

How people abuse it is that you can use that money for anything food, gas, and illegal drugs do you see whare I’m going with this people abuse this system to get away with a lot of things like buying illegal drugs. Maybe what could work is that you could do monthly checks to keep tabs on the people who are abusing the system.
2. Higher ups need to pay for it 
This one was obvious from the start somebody’s got to pay and it’s everyone but the people who are using welfare they don’t need to pay. The thing with this is that people have to pay for the people who need it and that’s great in fact amazing but middle up classes also have to pay for the people who abuse the system and that’s a shame that’s what is driving people away 
3. it can’t work sometimes 
When you are on welfare you feel like crap because you know you’re not doing well and that makes a person lose their pride and they will be depressed. 
I am not saying remove the system I’m saying make it better it’s a great system it helps people who need the money to make their lives better

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