Know More About Common Myths About Pet Cancer

Pet cancer is dreaded disease but there are common myths circulated about animal cancer. Some believe that this disease is not common in animals and others believe that if an animal is suffering from cancer, he or she can’t be treated. The truth is however, something else that needs to be unveiled to ensure better health and long life to your pets. Lack of knowledge or misconceptions often make a case worse and then it becomes almost impossible to treat Pet Cancer. Here are some common myths:

Myth 1: Dogs and Cats are Immune to Cancer

Truth: This is the biggest myth spread across people that animals don’t suffer from cancer. The truth is that even animals like dogs and cats are not immune against cancer and in fact, animal cancer is one of the biggest reasons for their death in young age. Surveys have revealed that almost half of the population of the dogs ageing over 10 years of age will die due to cancer.

Myth 2: Treating Pet Cancer is Impossible

Truth: Thanks to the advancement in medical science that experts have come with different therapies and treatments to treat diseases like Pet Cancer. So, if you still think that treating cancer in your pet is impossible and death is almost inevitable, then you are wrong. It however, depends on how early the tumor has been detected and its speed of spreading. An early detected tumor has more chances to get cured.

Myth 3: Visiting a Veterinary Oncologist is Useless and Expensive

Truth: If your pet is suffering from Pet Cancer, then visiting a normal veterinarian won’t be sufficient, you definitely need to visit a specialized veterinary oncologist, who has studied cancer in depth. Although, bit expensive, these expert vets are board certified vets who can deal with pet cancer in the best possible way on the basis of their experience and extensive knowledge on the subject.

Myth 4: No need to get Biopsy Diagnosis before a Surgery

Truth: Even if you have already taken your call to get your dog tumor removed through surgery, don’t skip biopsy diagnosis before the surgery. You may get to learn about some more information about your pet’s tumor and health through a biopsy diagnosis. Moreover, it may reveal the reason for the occurrence of tumor so that it may be prevented in future.

Myth 5: Cancer Treatment will worsen the health of the Dog

Truth: Many people refrain from getting proper treatments for their Pet Cancer thinking it will make their pet sicker. However, the truth is that these treatments are meant to enhance the life quality of their pet. Although, there might be some side effects of the treatments, but they will gradually disappear and your pet will be healthy after some time once the treatment is successful. Visit Here: CVS Angel Care

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