Why Is Pet Cancer Becoming Common?

When the topic at hand is Pet Cancer it’s important to know that there are some good and some bad news. Starting off with the bad ones — this type of cancer seems to become more and more often and common among a lot of domestic animals. The fact is that this is due to the pet food industry. In order to produce highly nutritious food for a cheaper price to make them competitive, food manufacturers are increasingly using chemicals and substances. This increases the probability of your pet getting a cancerous disease. To make matter worse you are now witnessing massive televised advertisement campaigns promoting these particular brands.

However, even though this might sound quite ominous, the fact is that there are also some good pet cancer related news. We are witnessing the biggest leap of technology in the history of mankind. The technological break-through over the last few years is impressive. This of course has a significant impact on veterinarian medicine. The fact is that vets are now able to cure almost any pet related disease, including pet cancer. Actually, the results are so good that almost 80% of the pets suffering from a cancerous disease are put in a remission, which is generally as good as it can get. Another thing to consider is that small malignant cancerous tumors on the skin of pets are actually properly taken care of for good and they never appear again.

The fact is also that not so long ago if a pet was diagnosed with a cancer it was usually sent back home to his owner so that it could get through his last days of life, usually in pain. Medicine has since then evolved a great deal and it is now possible to approach and treat these disorders. In fact, pet cancer is now treatable through chemotherapy, much like the condition in people. Now, treating is a bit of an overstatement because chemotherapy can’t really get rid of the disease but it could dramatically increase the life expectancy of your pet. This of course is related with a lot of expenses because chemotherapy sessions for pets could get to as high as $1000. They have to be carried out on a monthly basis. This of course is strictly dependent on the type of cancer and the stage that it is in.

It is of course possible, as unfortunate as it may actually be, that your pet is suffering from a cancer in a deep stage which is no longer curable. This is why you have to pay attention to your beloved domestic animal and make sure that he receives the proper veterinarian attention. Periodical tests are generally the best way to go. However, if the dog is in pain or suffering because of the cancer, it is best to put it to sleep. Visit Here: Angel Care Canceer Center

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