Developers are very skeptic of real usage of OAuth login. The effort spent in providing seamless integration with social networks for OAuth login might not give enough returns or does it?

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OAuth stats for CVsIntellect

Total User Login (Regular + OAuth): 13,895

Total OAuth Login: 7,433 (a wopping 53% of total sign-ins)

Social Network & Sign-in Count:

  1. Google: 3,079
  2. Linkedin: 2,563
  3. Facebook: 1,746
  4. Yahoo: 39
  5. MSN: 6

Some advantages of OAuth logins:

  1. No Password - User does not require to remember the password for the website. With explosion of websites there is simply no way users will be able to remember passwords for all of their accounts. With browers providing “save password” feature & softwares like 1Password etc. …


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