CYBR Releases “Solidoc”!

CYBR has just released Solidoc! Solidoc is a utility that creates markdown-based documentation for your Solidity projects and when combined with CYBRs manual (soon to be automated) contract auditing services provide a near fail-safe smart contract hardening process. This will provide peace of mind and ensures that hackers cannot steal funds from the smart contract itself (which has contributed to millions of dollars in financial losses this year alone). CYBR isn’t just talking about cyber security, CYBR is blazing the trail!

For more information on Solidoc please visit CYBRToken Github repository page here

The CYBR Ecosystem is a comprehensive cyber security solution for the blockchain. Ensuring secure smart contract transactions in order to maintain the integrity and contents of crypto wallets, exchanges and entities is our aim.

Our robust portal provides real-time safeguards, needed countermeasures and threat intelligence to the CYBR community and our subscribers. What completes the CYBR ecosystem is BlindSpot — a potent CYBR security engine that identifies and disrupts bad actor and associated illicit file activity.

For more information on CYBR please visit