To young people who are undocumented: This is your country, too.
Hillary Clinton

22 times the President, President Obama, said he didn’t have the authority for DAPA. His legal team, the White House’s legal advisors, advised against it, fearing it would even place DACA authority under scrutiny. Now, all of sudden they just found the authority. You know and I know the law does not work that way, nor should it. DAPA and DACA are well-intentioned and the Lord knows my party, the Republicans, are out to lunch on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform but if SCOTUS sides with past-Obama, it will be right and proper, and all of those immigrant families you’re “fighting for” will heartbroken and angry, and it’s HIS fault, not ours, not SCOTUS. That is what happens when you invent legal authority where there was none and circumvent the Congressional process that undergirds our system of government.

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