If The Director of the FBI Can’t Resist The Clintons, Who Can?

Camelot, meet The Clintons.

What brainpower it would take to write a story like this one: a power couple rises through the ranks of politics ruthlessly corrupting every facet of government at every level to benefit themselves and an unholy cabal of cronies, and gets away with it.

There is no denying that the Clintons directly inspired Netflix’s approach to remaking House of Cards. If there is one criticism of the show, though, it’s that it is pretty far off the mark from reality. In the show, Kevin Spacey’s character fights for reelection against Heather Dunbar, the Former U.S. Solicitor General, that prosecutes him for a serious crime and gets so angry when he gets away with it that she runs against him on a campaign message of restoring balance and integrity in government. FBI Director James Comey isn’t about to challenge to Hillary Clinton for the Presidency.

The show dispatches of such a juicy storyline with a tawdry tale of normal politics but my lament always was that, in reality, there is no Heather Dunbar. It seemed like a quaint storytelling device for liberal writers to pretend that The Department of Justice could be impartial. If so, they’re going to seriously enjoy dismantling their main characters as the reality plays out very differently.

Comey blinked. If and when Hillary Clinton returns to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next January, some will say she owes it to him, and Vice President would make a nice consolation prize, but this has been years in the making.

SNL nearly nailed this one: “I wasn’t born yesterday. I was born 67 years ago and I’ve been planning on being President ever since!” “Nice try! but this is not how Hillary Clinton goes down.”

No, no chance of that. She deleted the emails, destroyed the private server, and stood in front of the smoldering remains telling investigators and the public, “there is no smoking gun.”

The FBI agreed:

“We did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is information that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

What could have possibly compelled the professionals at the Federal Bureau of Investigation to announce that the Former Secretary of State may have committed some serious crimes and likely compromised national security, but they don’t think “any reasonable prosecutor” would take the case? At this point, that is their only excuse. They were intimidated by the prospect of facing Hillary Clinton, a future President with plenty of staffing decisions to make, and an army of future Supreme Court nominees alleging a sexist witch hunt in court, and in the court of public opinion.

The nation appears to be going through somewhat of a revival of interest in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. That was 1994; the Clintons were in the White House. Did they watch too? What were they thinking?

Might they have learned a lesson from O.J.’s acquittal? Justice can be bought.

If The Director of the FBI can’t resist the corrupt empire of a power couple, who can?

When Mr. Comey was first nominated for the position of Director, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow swelled with glee as she regaled for her viewers the tale of a young James Comey nearly resigning to avoid authorizing a wiretap program in 2004. Less than a week later, Comey, a Republican, was approved by the U.S. Senate 93–1. Here was the embodiment of impartial justice, an incorruptible agent of The People that had refused to honor a request from Dick Cheney at the hospital bedside of an ailing Attorney General. Surely, if a government official, any government official, thought they would avoid accountability, Comey would set them straight.

Guess not.

With excruciating clarity, Comey put on a master class performance of a Clintonesque legal defense. Yes, Hillary Clinton committed crimes that would normally be punishable, but will go unpunished. Comey relayed the most important distinction — the difference between “gross negligence” and “extreme” carelessness. The difference, it turns out, is one is a prosecutable offense and the other is whatever the Clintons did.

It’s good to be a Clinton, with one set of laws for them and one set of laws for everyone else. So much for the Republic. Strike “justice for all” from the pledge with nothing less than this, “a blow to the very heart of our democracy.”

The Secretary of State might have been using her private email server to facilitate the arms deals that would eventually amount to $165 billion for Clinton Foundation donors, twice as much as they received during President Bush’s administration. She might have been using it to cut deals with foreign corporations to buy American uranium. She claims that she never sent or received classified information through this arrangement, but the FBI says that is a blatant lie, so it’s no wonder what else she could have been doing with a homebrew server. That might be of interest to a Constitutional Republic in which men and women are elected to a place called Congress that supposedly conducts oversight on behalf of constituents that have to follow something “the law”, but the FBI says it’s not something they’ll be revealing anytime soon. Not that they could, Clinton didn’t archive her emails, and demolished the hardware. 
Nevermind that the subject of this fifteen-month-long investigation is vying for the highest elected office in the country and asking to be put in charge of a vast apparatus that has its tentacles in every facet of the world economy. Just what the Secretary of State was “extremely carelessly” doing on a private server is just not relevant says the FBI.

The Speaker’s Office has already filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) Request. How quaint of Paul Ryan to think a normal character is going to play some kind of role in bringing down the Clintons’ house of cards. There will be a loud roar to appoint a Special Prosecutor and have Clinton testify to Congress under oath, but if the public paid attention to the regular dealings of public service, they might recognize that it bears no resemblance to the frought business of politics or criminal law. If the FBI didn’t want to challenge Clinton to a public bout, what would make the Republicans running for reelection eager to bear the brunt of allegations of being politically motivated, sexist, and wasting taxpayer money? Appointing a special prosecutor to investigate this investigation might be worthwhile, but what if Hillary wins the White House? It would literally fall on her to decide whether or not to continue investigating herself.

There’s a fascinating tale of espionage and deceit here that would strike at the very principles on which the nation was Founded. Indeed, no foreign power could conceive of a more perfect plan to undermine the rule of law and sow discontent across the public. But, in this case, it’s all wrapped up in less than sinister intentions. This is just how the Clintons operate.

If and when Hillary Clinton is elected President, the Senate is going to have establish a standing committee to investigate every one of her decisions, every appointment, every trade deal, treaty, and executive directive to see how it might benefit her, Bill, Chelsea, and the hundreds of thousands of influence-peddlers that comprise a unholy cabal of corruption best regarded as Clinton Incorporated.

And Clinton INC. just beat the FBI.

It seems there isn’t a department of government that can avoid being remodeled into a tool of the of the Clintons’ vast empire. After all, a President Clinton and her appointees will have a few personnel decisions to make, including at the FBI. She may be a wholly unlikeable, ruthlessly ambitious, tin-eared politician but Hillary Clinton has made quite the career out of something that used to be regarded as a public service. Bill the charmer, it’s only fitting that the cold, calculated Hillary has to rely on the minutiae of the machine to complete her mission.

And what about President Obama? He appointed her Secretary of State. He beat her to the Presidency, yet here he is cleaning up her mess while her husband has been off galavanting across the globe, cashing in on nostalgia for his presidency, and even earning some credit for helping the President get reelected. With the Democratic Party set to officially nominate Hillary this summer, there can be no doubt left that the Obama progressives only managed to wrest control of the party temporarily. Billionaire heiress Penny Pritzker, currently Secretary of Commerce, better prepare her application to Clinton INC. They have their sights set on this Washington Favor Factory — there’s a lot of money to be made buying and selling access to the billions funneled through Washington bureaucracies.

And the Republican Party? Faced with the prospect of unleashing unprecedented corruption, they nominate …one of her donors!?! That incestuous class of influence peddlers? It includes Donald J. Trump. And it wouldn’t be any less corrupted in his tiny palms. The RNC should be meeting in two weeks to issue a national apology for exalting the least credible candidate as the only alternative to four or eight more years of Clinton. The only thing worse than Clinton drama? Trump drama, more often conveyed to viewers as “reality TV”, this time with nuclear weapons!

Then there’s the Attorney General, Comey’s boss, Loretta Lynch, who just so happened to meet with Former President Bill Clinton on a private plane in Phoenix less than a week before the FBI’s announcement. Though, they “definitely didn’t” talk about any investigations into his wife’s behavior, nope, they definitely didn’t talk about that, they assure us. Lynch is ultimately responsible for deciding if Clinton will be indicted, but she supposedly outsourced the decision to Comey and he took the opportunity to stage a nearly unprecedented press conference to assert the independence of the FBI, and his own, or at least leave the appearance of some sort of integrity. Might a news report that surfaced over the weekend that Clinton would be inclined to keep Lynch on as Attorney General have been prompted by a meeting between the candidate’s spouse and the AG currently overseeing such an investigation? I guess the American voter is going to have to wait until they elect her to find out.

Think about the hypotheticals then! What? If Hillary keeps Lynch, and/or Comey, will it just be appropriate payback for not indicting her? And if she lets one of them go, hell, could it be because they let an investigation get this far in the first place? Or, in Comey’s case, could it possibly be because he dared to contradict her official response?

This is the razor’s edge of politics in 2016. Everyone gets sliced standing still and crossing the rubicon is to unleash a torrential avalanche either way. It’s either the Clintons, the whole Clintons, and nothing but the crooked, corrupt Clinton INC. or handing the levers of power to Donald Trump.

In a normal election, we’d have the Democratic Party, which doesn’t represent Democratic voters, but instead represents an elite realm of millionaires and billionaires that benefit from government largess. Clinton INC. is just the largest conglomerate of these influencers. And we’d have the Republican Party, a party that represents a Chamber of Commerce agenda that might benefit corporations of all sizes but has little on offer for a country dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century.

That we could live with. That would be disappointing, even dispiriting, and enraging, and it’s probably the best justification for the Bernie Sanders campaign, but it’s normal, it’s routine, and it would only take a dramatic reassertion of Constitutional limitations to restore some balance, or the status quo. Instead the choice is between Clinton INC., which is apparently more powerful than the FBI, and an incompetent blowhard that managed to earn the nomination of a major political party.

There’s a reason Republicans are so dismayed over Trump’s impending nomination. He’s not running an effective campaign, losing badly and unable to fix it. In fact, their greatest hope was to plaster headlines bearing “Criminal Indictment” all over social media from now until November, or until Hillary is hauled off to prison. That hope extinguished, they’re pushing Comey’s statements proving her a liar all over the web to suggest that it’s politically toxic for their opponents. “She was convicted, if not indicted” remarked conservative radio host/law professor Hugh Hewitt. True, but “she wasn’t indicted!” is a perfectly suitable response in politics. That will not affect the outcome of the general election; if Barack Obama could get away with referencing “acts of terror” to cover up lying about the events in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton will get away with “reckless, but not criminal” for sure.

The media is soon set to anoint the Clinton campaign the luckiest political campaign ever, but this isn’t luck. It’s a machine that would make Tammany Hall appear honest. Richard Nixon’s estate wants the suffix “gate” forever affixed to the Clintons. They’ve earned it. And they’re on their way back to Washington, with a 240-year-old Republic that hangs in the balance. If this is what they’ll do to win the White House, wait until you see what they have planned to keep it.

James Comey is Hillary’s de facto running-mate now. Hand him an FEC document for filing the biggest in-kind contribution of his life to Clinton INC. Now, voters just have to wait to find out what he gets in return, and await the next shoe to drop in a drama that Netflix writers only wish they could conceive.