MJB: My faves (started as top 10!)

**EDITED — new videos added

This has got to be one of the hardest challenges I’ve set my Self! But here goes… *this is ongoing! I keep rediscovering songs and listening to them :) Where I’m at so far…may not be 10 either LOL!

What’s the 411 — whole album


My Life

Be Without You

I’m Going Down

Not Gon’ Cry

Be Happy ft Keith Murray

No More Drama

Feel Inside ft. Nas

You Don’t Have to Worry

Method Man ft Mary J Blige: All I Need

Your Child

Seven Days ft. George Benson

I’m The Only Woman

Family Affair

If Loving You Is All That I Have To Do: feat K-Ci


Hood Love ft Trey Songz

Take Me As I Am

Just Fine

Thick of It

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