Starting an art based startup Caamo

As an artist, I always loved to do paintings, sketching and drawing different subjects on the back of my course note books. Whenever my work got completed I shared it on my Facebook profile to see what people have to say about it. And I always found people like my work which made me happy and encouraged me to do more.

But views on my work were limited by number of Facebook friends I had. I wish my work could reach more people and I could get more appreciations and feedback which will help me to improve as an artist.

So I started searching different online platforms where I can post my work, can read and learn something new about art. More than that where I can meet and show my work to different artists and get their feedback. After searching for many days I discovered there was no such platform in existence. Most of the art based platforms are interested only in selling artworks and their prints. But for me, it was not something about money. I wanted to gain more knowledge about what is happening in the world of art, where can I meet and showcase my work to artist of different countries, where can I get good feedback on my work which could help me to improve as an artist.

So I was thinking “what now ?”. Thought came into my mind lets start a Facebook page. So I started it and named it Focus49 based on my college roll number which was 6049 .It was the coolest name I thought at that time :) .

On this page I planned to share my artwork, learning and knowledge related to art. Facebook page solves the problem of reaching more people which was not limited to my number of friends now. But after some days I realized I am not the only artist who is facing this problem.

So I started inviting artists to share their work and knowledge on this page. My vision was one artist knowledge could be helpful for some many other artists. I started meeting various artists in my city. From their conversations I was introduced to various other issues faced by artists these days.

So one day I decided lets make something which will provide solutions to problems faced by artists. For this I needed to go beyond one Facebook page. I needed a platform with vision to add value to the artistic career of an artist not just getting commissions by selling artists work. Later that day I discussed this with one of my college friend. He showed interest and joined me as co-founder.

So we were a team now. We started talking to more artists to get clarity about issues in the life of artists. We started giving everything that we could either it be money, time, canceling parties, trips etc. We brainstormed everyday so that we can make something that actually solves problem and make someone’s life better.

Now we needed a name for the product, after looking a lot of synonyms, dictionaries we did’t find anything interesting and simple. And finally we came up with name “Caamo”, which means captured art moments. It made sense and sound cool :). So we finalized platform name as Caamo.

We had no money to invest or hire someone to develop website for us. So what we decided was one of the best decisions we ever made. We planned let’s do it all by ourselves.

My friend only knew “C language” and for me doing “Hello world” was like hell. But still we didn't loose our hope and started step by step. Now me and my friend have done complex programming and developed the product.

We are planning to launch soon. With this platform we wish to make artist’s life easy and more cheerful.

Thanks :)

For more details about product, suggestions and feedback please reach us at given links

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