#LE9- The Story of Me

My journey through these last 9 weeks of #walkmyworld have been extremely eye-opening. As I was writing about the various questions to which I was asked to respond, I noticed that my answer was different on my laptop screen than in my head. I kept asking myself, “Why is that? Wouldn’t my fingers be putting the same answer into the keyboard that I think in my head?” The answer is no, simply because what you feel like writing is different from what you should actually say. My journey from #LE0 to #LE9 is proof of that.

#LE0- #walkmyworld

I was excited to start this project in January; Mrs. Loomis was so excited and it made me excited to improve my writing and how I express myself with words…

#LE1- New Beginnings

Ahh yes, a “Sea of New Beginnings”; I’m just full of cute names for deep discussions. aren’t I? This is one of my favorite posts because the only thing I had to post was a picture. The picture I picked made me feel small, yet protected in God’s love and grace (it still does, by the way).

#LE2- Where I’ve Been

If you know me personally, you know I love to talk about where I’ve been. Whether it’s Guatemala or Panama City Beach, I love sharing my stories with others and hearing theirs.

#LE3- The Shape of a Story

Okay, I admit it. All of the learning events were my favorite! Each one had a very specific and independent message, yet they all come together to create “My Story”. In #LE3, I got to use another story to help explain my own, and that’s pretty cool.

#LE4- The Shape of My Story

This learning event was hard for me to write. For years I’ve been embarrassed because of my family and the choices they’ve all made, but I was relieved when I finally worked up the courage to say my side of the story. I was so happy to see all the positive and encouraging comments I read on my feed; it really makes a difference, in case you didn’t already know.

#LE5- The Turning Point in My Story

Another thing I love to talk about is my love and passion for Jesus Christ. If I didn’t have Him here to catch me when I fall, my body would be so broken by now, and I wouldn’t be here typing this sentence.

#LE6- A Miracle in the Mundane

When this learning event was posted that Sunday night, I was intrigued and curious to actually listen to the sounds that constantly surround me. Since then, I spend a couple minutes every day listening to the sounds of the mundane.

#LE7- Hear My Home

The dishwasher. Every house has one, yet no one hardly notices when they’re running. Similar to the sounds of my surroundings, the sounds of my dishwasher are ones I actually listen to now.

#LE8- Where I’m Going

Where am I going? I know the path I want to take in the future, but I also know that God has His own plans for me. To be honest, I bet His are better than mine.

So why did I decide to share all of the things I did? Some might say I was assigned to do so (which I was); others because why not? Why not explore and learn more about yourself, then share your findings with the world? I like the latter decisions better, don’t you?

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