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#indiegamedev using #Unity3D, #B3D, (learning) code in #CSharp. Working @slamatron on my second mobile game, an Infinite Runner.
All scripts taken from video above Credit :
Kee Gamedev on Youtube.

Game development is hard and takes a lot of time and patience. I’m writing this article to save myself some time when developing and also in the hope that it will save you precious development time as well.

Create a new C# script in Unity called “Notify”

Download or Copy the code from the link here and paste it into your Notify Script.

Create a new empty gameobject in Unity and name it something like “NotificationManager”

Drag and drop the Notify script onto the Notification Manager script.

Build Your Game to IOS

Now if you pause your game on IOS and go into another app and or the home screen on your phone you should get a notification every 30 seconds for your game/app.

I was having some trouble for a while where Unity wasn’t opening my code to the correct line when I clicked on errors in the Unity debugger.

I am using a Mac and I had tried almost everything on the forums here. All of them with no luck.

Until finally I opened up the Unity package manager and saw that my VSCode package wasn’t updated.

To access the Package manager you need to go into Unity and at the top select “Window / Package manager” and this will pull up a window like so:

From here you need to select…

Road collider mess.


This is the first post in the series. So before I get into the “Needy Greedy” I’d like to let everyone know why I’m making these. As a developer I often get lost in the sauce of code and development, this can be overwhelming at times and causes me to get un-focused. In this un-focused state I’ll usually peruse the web looking for inspiration of some sort and in reality end up just wasting a ton of time watching some random video that youtube suggested me,(You know how it goes.), watching twitch, or reading countless articles. So…

The day started off as usual; barely any sleep, the baby wanting to sleep all day and a few diaper changes.

Finally getting some sleep.

Noelle’s parents stopped by to bring over some food, since we hadn’t left the house since Harlyn’s birth, and hangars for the clothes left in the dryer. Noelle’s grandma had made Chicken Adobo, one of my favorite dishes she cooks so I was excited about that! It’s the little things in life that you come to cherish. Not everyone has the privilege of a home-made meal from their Grandma.

My Grandma, Lu McKenny was an excellent cook and the…

Let us get down to the needy-greedy as quick as possible…

Here’s what your code should look like :

You need a single boolean field “canRotate” at the top, this will allow you to toggle the rotation.

Then you will need to create a simple function that activates this boolean. I named mine “StartRotation”. This is the function that our button will activate later in the tutorial.

After that, you will need to add the IEnumerator Rotate function that does all the work for you.

Button Time!

I’m assuming you’ve added your button that you want to use in your scene under…

If you are like me and want to stream your work, but don’t have a windows pc like most of the streamers seem to have. You’ve probably run into the problem of trying to stream what you are listening to and also streaming your voice at the same time.

I hope that this written tutorial provides you with a new, possibly faster way of learning how to deal with the troubles of streaming two audio sources at the same time through OBS on a mac.

**This is a written tutorial over what is presented by :BFordLancer48 in the video below.**

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