How to : Stream Spotify through OBS on a Mac.

If you are like me and want to stream your work, but don’t have a windows pc like most of the streamers seem to have. You’ve probably run into the problem of trying to stream what you are listening to and also streaming your voice at the same time.

I hope that this written tutorial provides you with a new, possibly faster way of learning how to deal with the troubles of streaming two audio sources at the same time through OBS on a mac.

**This is a written tutorial over what is presented by :BFordLancer48 in the video below.**

You may begin by downloading a piece of software called Soundflower. To my knowledge, this will allow you to pickup multiple audio inputs and export them as a single output.

Scroll down the page till you reach the “ReadMe” then click the link for the latest version.

Once you click the link, you will be redirected to this page :

Where you will scroll to the bottom and click the download link.

  • if you are experiencing difficulty at this point, you should probably refrain from using the internet…

Open up the download link via your finder and install the package.

This is me in my finder opening the download. . . .

This is the package, which is located inside the download.

You will need to double click the package and go through the installation process (ie : hitting next a bunch, possibly entering your password for safety reasons, and then finishing. . . .)

Once you have Soundflower installed you will need to do a Spotlight search (Command+Space_Key) for “Audio Midi Setup”.

From here you will need to create a new “Multi-Output Device”.


Right-click your newly created “Multi-output device” and select “use this device for sound output”.

Finally, you can now open OBS and create a new audio output that will contain both your Spotify sound, and your Mic! :D

Hope this was helpful to you, was this article easy to read/follow? If not,
leave me comments below or inline on how you would recommend I may improve.

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