Firstly, we thank everyone for their overwhelming support we have received so far. It has been a very delightful journey. A journey into better financial world.

We are excited and proud to announce that our airdrop has ended successfully and we congratulate those who joined us and signed up for the airdrop. The airdrop ended today, 10th July 2019 at exactly 12:00 gmt. We will start making preparations to audit all submissions to ensure fair distribution and to see everyone who accurately completes their given tasks get their rewards. …

Cryptocurrency is gaining traction all over the world, from appearing in stocks from top brokers, to being mentioned on national TVs to getting explored by billionaire investors and pioneers. But yet, the total users in the cryptoverse is still less than 100 million people worldwide. Why is it so? Well, we all know that for something to get into the wider society stream, it needs to be conducive to manage, operate, run acquired or accessed. Cryptocurrencies at this time, is a bit, though much more lesser than it was few years back, complicated to understand by a nocoiner (crypto newbie)…

We are very excited that we have commenced the Cadin Exchange (CadinEx) community airdrop.

In our last article where we gave an in-depth details about the Cadin exchange network and what it entails, we made it known that we will be organizing a community airdrop where supporters will be able to claim their fair share out of the total allocation.

CadinEx will be giving away 70% of the total supply of Cadin coins which will serve as the native token necessary to avail the best features of the Cadin interconnected blockchain platforms, through series of airdrops and bounties. We won’t…


CadinEx is a blockchain based project that aims to develop infrastructure to bring cryptocurrency adoption into mainstream.

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